7 Interesting Ways to Create Captivating Father’s Day Campaigns


Father’s Day is an opportunity to express love and gratitude toward the person who brought up one. Pandemic and lockdowns granted one ample time with guardians better. Time, Father’s Day will be celebrated on 19th June 2022. 7 interesting ways to create captivating father’s day campaigns.

Mother and Father lay indispensable presence in one’s life. What makes this day more interesting is – the excitement to design the most creative, innovative and personalised marketing campaigns. If you are a marketer facing a hard day brainstorming the campaign ideas, the article may help you.

It can be an excellent opportunity for e-commerce businesses to skyrocket their sales. Nearly 70% of individuals check out online gifts to send to their fathers. However, the landscape is competitive. It is the reason businesses need to ensure the best campaign to capture the attention amid the mess.

The growing customer trends and shifting preferences lead to a bust of innovative ideas. It is all about meeting expectations with an emotional curve.

Here, the article talks about some interesting father’ day campaign ideas that will help you enlighten your customers and relish the best moments.

How To Create Father’s Day marketing Campaigns that ensure maximum engagement?

Creating a breakthrough Father’s Day campaign might not be an easy deal. However, it is a great way to capture a new audience base and re-establish cordial vibes with existing ones. Apart from amplifying the ad strategy and broadening your audience scale, stress offering the best shopping experience possible. Here are some unique ideas that you can implement keeping unsecured and no guarantor loans untouched

Launch a comparison photo contest

An image can do wonders like video campaigns. Is there anything better than comparing different stories of the same person with comparison pictures? It is a good idea to take the users down the memory lane. Fathers’ day is considered the 7th best day in the world.

After posting the video, appeal to your followers to re-share the contest link in their network. Ensure a reward on the photo that receives maximum likes. You can launch a lucky winner draw too. You can pick the best picture randomly and reward it. 

It is one of the interesting ways to pique the audience and customer’s curiosity. The more personalised you get with your campaign, the better it converts.

Ensure uniqueness in campaigns 

Every personality is different from such beloved fathers. While designing a marketing campaign, note the person you are creating it for. Before making and planning the campaign design, segregate the customer type.

It will help you target each father’s personality with different campaign sets. Your customers look for presents, designer cards, and gifts that define their father well. It may require research, but it is profitable for business.

For this, you can create a themed campaign that resembles your brand motive. It should also reveal the popular traits the fathers are known for. Do not forget to instil an emotional touch on the campaign. The brand should focus on creating unique experiences for customers and expected users.

Identify the most popular searches 

Suppose you are passionate about creating campaigns that appeal to your user’s interests and analyse trends. There is no better way to know what your people are searching online than to explore popular websites.

These include Reddit, subreddits, google trends, etc. Or, if you are an e-commerce platform, check your search console data and explore trends specific to Father’s Day. Check the best keywords ranking for Father’s Day in 2022 and explore the best interactions and conversations. It will help you create a campaign that resonates and converts like crazy.

Build urgency to grab the offer 

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is one of the fears that customers share. Nobody likes to miss out on a captivating offer. It is especially true when the product they love is available at throwaway prices. Create urgency in the offer by adding a timeline. Use a countdown timer down your marketing campaign. You can add a strong CTA to provoke the customers to shop immediately.

Plan something worthwhile for last-minute shoppers 

It is the natural tendency of individuals to postpone things until the Last day. You can use email marketing and create drool-worthy campaigns explaining why the offer is apt for them and the reason to act now. Customers always buy emotions. Make sure to make your marketing copy engaging enough to capture the heart of your audience.

Here are some easy ways to grab the attention of last-minute users:

Create A Gift Guide. 

Provide an overview of the products on the stall. Inform on why these gifts are something that would appeal to fathers.

Offer free or quick shipping. 

Instead of delivering a day later, offer same-day delivery options. You can even provide different shipping options according to the customer’s comfort.

Offer Gift wrappers for free 

Provide gift wrappers free of cost. If someone orders something urgently, he hardly shares the time to wrap it up. Walk the extra mile for your customers, and take the lead. You can provide gift wrapping services both in-store and online. You can ensure a separate team who could assist you with gift wrappings. You can even check out different YouTube video tutorials to pack it the best way.

Offer discounts 

Individuals explore different platforms before halting at one. Every person has a unique financial bucket. Thus, some may look for the best and most economical options for Father’s Day. Similarly, the higher-paying ones may look for something unique that paints their father; in the best personality possible.

You can attract your audience with flashing discounts and hard-to-miss promotions. Low delivery costs can further improve the sales count. Engagement increases if you offer free shipping, gift card, coupons, and discounts. In this way, you can attract customers from all customer segments.

Be innovative in your approach 

Many businesses provide similar services. Where do you make an impact? To differentiate your services and campaigns from the rest, think ahead. You can use technologies like AI to help people choose the right gift according to their taste preferences. Make your website mobile optimised and responsive. Individuals shop more on smartphones than on tablets. Optimise user experience for all devices.

Bottom line

Father’s Day is one of the best ways to connect with your audience tenderly. There are several techniques and tools that you can use to create responsive Father’s Day campaigns. Analyse the user behaviour and shift your strategy likewise.

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