3 Pieces of Furniture for College Students Need in Their Apartment

Furniture for College Students
Furniture for College Students

The typical college student living on- or off-campus is going to need to invest in some basic essentials. A tight budget and limited space mean you need to only get the absolute necessities.

Furniture for College Students shopping hits both of these categories right off the bat. Most furniture is pricey and takes up precious room. Because of this, furniture is where you need to be the most cautious with your spending.

Shopping on a Limited Space and Cash Budget

You could get around this expense by renting a furnished apartment. These are harder to find Furniture for College Students, but many college students prefer the ease of moving right into something ready to live in. To learn more about the various benefits of living in furnished places, read this article by Quarry Trail.

How you grew up and what you’ve become used to plays a big role in what you think you need in your home. However, there are some specific pieces of furniture that are must-haves. Then there are others that you can buy later when you have more room and money.

If your dorm or apartment doesn’t supply them already, these furniture pieces are worth the investment for every college student.


1. A Bed and Bedding

If you absolutely had to, you could survive without any other piece of furniture as long as you have a bed.

As a college student, sleep will play a big role in your success. If you’re not sleeping well, your energy will tank, along with your grades.

Choosing the Right Bed and Bedding

Since space is at a premium, as you’re looking for a bed, try to find one that also includes storage. A twin or full bed with a headboard and drawers under the box spring is perfect for a dorm or shared apartment.

You’ll also need a comfortable blanket and two sets of sheets. It’s easy to find all-in-one bedding sets. Read the fine print, though, to make sure “all-in-one” includes the comforter, pillowcases, and sheets. That’s not always the case.

Side note: It’s worth investing in a blanket you’ll feel comfortable with. Too heavy, and you’ll be hot and sweaty all night. Too light, and you’ll be chilly. Find that “just right” level that works for you, and don’t settle for any other comforter.

2. A Comfy Chair

Depending on how much space you have, the next furniture item on your list should be someplace to sit when you’re not in your bed.

If you’re planning on having company often, aim for a bigger seat, like a couch or loveseat. Otherwise, a simple recliner or large, cushy chair works.

Instead of a coffee table, find a storage ottoman that matches your seat. This versatile mini-furniture piece does triple duty. You can relax with your feet up, store your clutter, and use it as a seat when you have people visiting.

Since you want this furniture investment to last a while, it’s a good idea to find a seat in a dark, easy-to-clean fabric. The darker colors hide any stains, and the washable fabric makes it simple to clean up spills.

3. A Small Dinette Set

Finally, a place to eat and study is next on the list. If you have room for a desk, it’s the best option for your homework, research, and computer. But if not, a small dinette set can double as a study center.

If all you have is a dorm room, find a kitchen table that tucks away into the corner when it’s not in use. These often come with bar stools or benches that store under the table.

You’ll find small, easy-to-move nesting table sets or drop leaf tables. Measure how much space you have for this furniture for College Students and look for something that fits that size. You might be surprised at how many dinette set options you end up with!


Shopping for furniture on a college student budget doesn’t have to put you in debt. You can always go the easy route and find a place that’s already furnished and let someone else take care of this problem for you.

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