Modern Office Must-Haves: 5 Types of Tech and Equipment


A modern office is precisely what you imagine – a futuristic place, straight out of Sci-Fi movies. It’s a flexible, ever-evolving space that accommodates various working models. In addition to the traditional, in-person model, hybrid and work-from-home models are also part of the modern office.

The modern office needs to be well equipped with different types of tech and equipment for all these models to work smoothly and efficiently.

Office technology and equipment encompass various gadgets and technologies that allow a company to stay in operation. This means that it includes physical tech such as computers, routers, and printers and cloud-based tech such as management software, video conferencing software, various systems, messaging, and so on.

If you’re planning to update your office and make it more modern, here are 5 must-have types of tech and equipment.

5 must-have types of office technology and equipment

1.   Essential office technology and equipment

A productive day at work is only possible if your office space has all the necessary technology and equipment. Every modern office’s essential tech and equipment include computers and software, internet, telephones, printers, and a shredder.

Without computers or laptops, you can’t handle information important for the success of your organization. And as you know, a computer without software is pretty much useless, so you need these two types of tech in your modern office.

The Internet is just as important as computers and their software. Without the internet, you can’t channel important information or connect with the outside world.

Telephones, especially smartphones, are essential in today’s modern office. Smartphones are small computers that allow us to keep connected and communicate with teams, customers, vendors, and other important people. They can also help us stay organized.

Believe it or not, the modern office still needs printers and shredders. People still love paper, even though most information is moved and stored electronically. So, it’s crucial to have a printer, as well as a shredder in your office.

Maintenance of all this tech and equipment is crucial, so knowing a good place that, for example, does quality printer repairs is always a good idea.

2.   Hybrid technology

Modern office space is also a flexible working space. This means that it enables both in-person and remote work. And to be able to support both types of working models, your office needs different types of hybrid technology.

Hybrid technology, in addition to keeping teams connected, also boosts productivity and efficiency. The most common types of hybrid tech include project management software, video conferencing, and instant messaging.

Project management software enables employees to stay informed and up-to-date about pending tasks no matter where they are.

Video conferencing is the tech that features cameras, audio, and video conferencing software. This type of tech allows teams and employees to meet virtually with clients and business partners.

Instant messaging is another hybrid type of tech that allows employees to keep in touch with one another and their superiors in real time. This sort of technology improves workflow, efficiency, and productivity.

3.   Safety and security technology

Both physical safety and cybersecurity in the office are crucial in this day and age. That’s why this type of technology and equipment are necessary.

Technology such as cameras, lighting, visitor screening, and access control, as well as emergency notification systems, should be part of every modern office.

When the proper lighting and security cameras are placed properly, there’s less chance that the office space will get broken into or burgled. And if it somehow does happen, the video footage will help find the perpetrators.

Visitor screening and access control are two types of technologies that can determine who’s allowed to enter the offices and who’s not. Both technologies ensure the safety and security of employees and company information. 

How will you know if there’s a tornado coming when in office? With the help of an emergency notification system. This type of tech notifies everyone in the building or office about critical events. These systems are created to send out mass alerts via text messages, emails, or other channels.

4.   Back-to-office technology

Back-to-office tech uses different types of systems that gather data that can be used to optimize and improve the onsite experience for employees.

Techs such as employee registration systems, desk booking systems, and work platforms are all considered back-to-office technologies.

With the help of employee registration systems, managers can keep track of who is in attendance and who isn’t. By gathering this data, you can see which days of the week are the most productive, meaning which days of the week employees come into the office the most.

Are you looking to book a desk in the office? You can now easily do that with the help of a desk booking system. This tech will help you where your coworkers are sitting or plan where your whole team will sit in the office.

5.   Visitor technology

This type of tech can significantly improve the visitor experience. The visitor registration system allows visitors to sign in when coming onsite. It also notifies employees that their visitors have arrived.

Similarly, visitors will automatically get their badges once they sign in with the help of a badge printer. This useful gadget will print a badge with the visitor’s name, photo, and other information. With the badges, visitors will be able to access certain areas of the office space.

Wi-Fi provision tech can also be useful. This tech will automatically send login information to visitors once they have signed in. They will be able to use the network only while they are on-premises.


Investing in all these different types of tech and equipment can be pretty expensive. On top of that, technology trends are constantly changing and evolving, so keeping up with them can be complicated.

When trying to create a modern office space, start by focusing on and investing in essential things that are indispensable for keeping the business going. Then, slowly start working towards implementing other tech and equipment.


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