Reasons Why A Headstone or Memorial Is Important


Cemetery memorials have their own significance as they would become the last memory of your demised loved one. A headstone is one of the commonly built cemetery monuments used to mark a place where the body of the dead person was buried.  A headstone becomes the last connection between a grieving family and with demised one. Nothing can mitigate the sorrow of a close person’s loss but building a memory is like compensation. It remains as a tangible link between the past, present, and future. It is the symbol of acknowledgement, tribute to the demised person. His family member can touch their person through headstones, and cherish the memory and good moments with that person. We can say that a headstone memorial is the final gesture of their journey together as living and demised persons.

Here are a few reasons to choose a headstone in memory of your demised loved one

It is a token of LOVE

A monument is also symbolized as a token of love. For the person who’s passed away. The family of the demised person generally wants to cherish their memories through a dedicated headstone. Thus, a headstone is designed with a different shape that triggers positive emotions like hearts, angels, flowers, or other aesthetic designs. A headstone also conveys the story or life journey of a demised person.  Future generations of the demised person can come and visit the memory and learn about their grandparents. Generally, a monument is inscribed with the name of the person, date of birth, and death of the person. So, it is the Christian way to keep the old man’s story for future generations to remember.

It can be someone’s identity

When a person leaves us or our world, we feel emotionally lost, also damaged sometimes. Isn’t it true for all? Do you know a died person also needs recognizing tool to get memorized?  And for that headstone is the most suitable option to create beside their buried place.  A headstone helps family members, friends, and relatives to memorize the deceased person properly.

A headstone is smaller than a cemetery monument but bigger than a marker. So a passerby can easily recognize who the grave belongs to, and the memories of the pass away person.  Headstones engraved with information speak a lot about that person. Some people build a custom monument of the headstone for a better depiction of the life of demised loved one.  A headstone carries so much on its own. Therefore, you need to take decisions sincerely before selecting a cemetery monument company. Even some leading monument companies offer options to put custom images on the monument. The picture is generally scanned in high resolution and established onto the upright monument.

Factors you need to check before customizing or purchasing a monument

Every cemetery or burial ground has its own rules and regulations for cemetery monuments including size, shape, and height. So before designing or buying any headstone, you need to consider the following things such as,

The type of grave, there is a total of four types of graves such Single, companion, baby, and cremation.

Design of the headstone

Designing a headstone is not an easy job. As earlier we said, you need to consider too many factors before it. Because it is as important as your loved one.  It would also become the last memory of that person’s family, friends, and relatives. Selecting significant shapes, sizes, and colours would be the better way t memorize that person. You can also consider that person’s favourite colour. It is called the hues of memory.  Some people prefer the art of etched insignias. For more craftsmanship, one can add meaningful images. An image can bring a reflection of great comfort through memory.


Epitaphs refer to the inscription that you engraved for your closed demised one’s headstone will be read by his family members when they memorized that person, and it would keep memorizing them for generations to generations. Inscriptions must be meaningful, and if you want to quote some message that should be meaningful to that person’s life. It might be the best representation of that lost person. People love to read about that person and his life journey. Words will be act as the focal point for persons who want to pay respect to that demised person. Good words can trigger every point of emotion.

Consider family choices

Decisions couldn’t be single ones instead of you need to take the opinion of each close family member before making any conclusive decisions. It is better to set a meeting with family members and take action accordingly because everyone is emotionally attached to that person, and will be attached to that headstone. Right? You may have to cross several sessions of discussions before the final conclusion but, you can take positive actions just after everyone’s voice is heard.

So, before making a headstone memorial consider these basic factors, and build a better last memory for your loved one.

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