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Aitana Lopez is a virtual soul on Instagram, tiktok and twitter.

As of now she as around 310K followers almost more than 100 post have been posted. This profile is created by an agency called clueless agency.

He/ She social profiles are as follows

Aitana Lopez is the first ever AI-created model of Spain, who opened its doors for the development of an entirely new realm by a virtual influencer. The idea is born in the head of The theclueless agency. Aitana Lopez is a 25 years old virtual pink-haired person from barcelona spain who leads the digital life on the example of social media pages with fitness, gaming lover and virtual soul is followed by a great many different people. This virtual influencer is really unique not only in appearance but in the ability to take representation in cooperation with a brand and followers in such a way that it blurs reality with digitability.

The Clueless Agency, made the virtual soul to solve difficulties in influencer marketing. He decided to make that possible with a reliable and controllable digital figure. The visual identity of Aitana is so perfectly maintained: bright pink hair and nearly perfectly flawless body that resonates with a modern aesthetic in the digital space.

The financial impact Aitana has is so big that he/she might be making as much as €10,000 in one month from all the endorsements and collaborations he/she does. Her digital persona has even garnered the interest of celebrities from the real world and has an Instagram following of over 301k. It could be seen as a fine line between artificial intelligence and creative storytelling that marks her existence.

The character are built with both 3D models and AI algorithms, creatively scripted to make posts, acquire deals from brands, and communicate to users the same way an influencer would. This innovation plays into a new trend in the area of digital marketing, where virtual influencers advise on brand new ways of brand storytelling and brand promoting.

Aitana Lopez’s story illustrates this fine entanglement of technology and artistry, showing how AI models can co-exist alongside human influencers to challenge norms and open new avenue spaces for brands ready to embrace the digital frontier. For her, like so many others, it’s the success of marking one more step toward a future where the influencer in the virtual world and the influencer in the real world develop consumer perceptions and interactions in complementarity within the digital age.

Anil Kondla

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