Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Mobile Application


Every time there’s an article written about the optimism of mobile apps that have been successful in the entire world that can inspire one developer with awe There are at most five other business and developer owners blaming the same post because of their failed app ideas.Developing a Mobile Application.

If you’re one the developers, or their clients or project owners and project managers, then you’ve found the right article to help you spot the mistakes that mobile app developers need to avoid, and also what is the most important thing to improve your app.

We know how painful it is to watch your idea go under in the fiercely aggressive market of mobile applications. There’s an app to do everything and regardless of how much you invest in your app to stay alive there is always something that seems to be wrong. App development errors that are mobile can cost you 10 times the price to the effort.

You’re not alone We’ve been there but, the good news is we’ve have learned from our mistakes, and now we’re here to share with you the lessons they were.

If you don’t want to be unsuccessful with your app idea , or would like to understand the causes of failure in your previous idea for a new app It’s time to improve you as well as your group.

In all likelihood, there more than 3.5 million apps on the Google play stores, but only 32K apps surpass 1 million downloads. In order to cover this vast gap between the numbers of apps in total and the amount of applications that have been successful it is essential to avoid the mistakes listed below.

1. Not realizing the need

This is a major issue. Doing a need assessment prior to launching the development similar to giving Ham to vegans. No one is likely to consume it.

If you have a fantastic app idea, and you decide to go and invest your money in it without doing any market analysis isn’t the most effective way to proceed. If there is a large expense involved, it’s recommended to slow things down.

It is essential to study markets and take polls regarding the features users want to have in the app, should they want it. This will confirm your concept and give you certainty about the size of your number of users.

There is always an guideline for successful app development and it’s crucial to follow it to create an app that is loved by users.

Inquiring about your audience’s preferences to determine if they’re willing to download an app or not will increase the likelihood in terms of customer acquisition, and most importantly, retention of users.

2. Poor selection of the app developes

As there are many kinds of mobile apps, there are categories too – educational apps, financial apps eCommerce, On-demand, etc.; there are various distinct categories for mobile developers too.

The same goes for all companies that develop mobile apps are not the same.

Before deciding on the mobile app development team first, you must fix your budget, the platforms and the complexity area that your application will be in.

In the second step you must investigate and learn about the app development companies that meet the requirements of your mobile application.

In the end, prepare a list questions you want to ask mobile app development firms before making a final choice.

A few of these queries can be answered by:

  • Can I view your portfolio?
  • Are there any of the references of your clients?
  • What’s your app development process?

These kinds of questions could provide a comprehensive understanding of the business itself as well as the types of projects they’re capable of handling and the scope of a project they can handle for example, and so on.

In the future, you are able to remove the businesses that don’t meet the requirements to develop your app.

3. Incorrectly estimating the total cost

It is impossible to idea one day of rocket ships and then start making it the next day. Particularly when you know that it will eat up a significant amount of dollars.

What’s required prior to construction begins is the exact detail of all the materials needed to construct the rocket ship.

Resources do not only consist of funds, but also development time materials, space overheads, a specific operational or marketing team, etc. All of this directly affects capital investment, and all of them must be considered prior to the beginning of the app development process.

Before starting developing an MVP for a particular platform, you need to think about hiring, training and overheads costs if are looking to avoid making a major mobile app development error.

Be aware that it is essential to understand what the price of development costs for apps?

Only then can you accurately determine what your MVP should be like.

4. I’m not sure if I should make an MVP

The process of creating an MVP could be the final step that can stop your app from becoming disastrous.

An MVP , also known as a Minimum Viable Product gives the opportunity to test your product under real-world market conditions and with everyday users to gauge the performance of your application.

An MVP is where your app has only the essential features permitting you to release the app onto the market prior to going through the entire development process at a more advanced stage.

The creation of the concept of an MVP as a preliminarily developed product can reduce the cost and time. You can speed up the development process and make the first version of your app, gather feedback from your customers and make the necessary changes to the model of your app and improve the product.

5. A poor UI

One of the biggest errors to avoid while developing an app is not pay close focus on the UI for your app. User interface or UI is the appearance of your app that is the one that gives your app its first impression.

There are a lot of applications available in the online app stores, users can be very impatient when they make an informed decision on whether to install the app on their mobile phones.

In terms of UI, a well-designed UI could be the primary factor in user retention to your mobile application that cannot be overlooked.

The process of designing mobile apps is a vital stage in creating an app that users will be delighted to use. Below are some aspects to be considered when creating the app’s user interface:

  • Don’t begin designing without a flowchart app
  • Be aware of the Resolution Beware of designs with low resolutions
  • Do not create an animation to put into , as users are impatient and unskippable into could result in them uninstalling the app.
  • Careful with the animations that are used to signal the loading time. Make sure to use things that keep users entertained.
  • One of the more advanced features that can be added to the UI is the Gesture-based interface.

6. Too many attributes

There is a myth that adding many features will make users more enthused about your app.

Sorry to say that it is wrong!

The term “feature rich” is now an appealing characteristic for many business and app developers, and is used more often for app marketing. Naturally, it’s among the most frequently made mistakes app developers make.

However, if we judge by user reviews the presence of too many features within an application makes it difficult and heavy in weight without adding value to the user experience.

However, having fewer specific features makes mobile apps clear and simple to use.

In addition adding too many features can make the application slower and can increase loading time. Not to mention the effort, time and money that go into the creation of those additional features.

The most important thing you can include is the main feature, along with other features which make the application complete.

7. Incorporating too many mobile platforms initially

The addition of too many features and integrating multiple platforms works the same way. They can be extremely counterproductive for your goal. They raise the initial cost of developing apps.

The best method is to conduct market research, and then choosing a platform out that of Android, iOS or Windows and then launching the application on that platform , and then taking notes on feedback from customers.

When you are certain that you will have a successful apps on one of the platforms, you can begin planning the creation of the app for the next platform. It is crucial to select the one platform that will be used that your app will run on at the beginning.

If not, you must think about the development strategy for your app ahead of time If you intend to launch the app across multiple platforms simultaneously.

8. Not doing enough tests of the application

Being a consumer of an app, having an unflagging performance is essential. Particularly in the early days after the launch of the app It is essential to create an app that keeps users happy with its smooth performance.

Beyond the basic testing an app it is vital to test it across different devices in order to give a positive first impression. In reality, it’s more important to be aware of what methods of testing the company that develops apps follows.

Additionally, it is crucial to be aware that in the case of testing your application, it must be conducted by a third party or a professional team of app-testers. Then, you’ll be able release the perfect Version of your application.

9. Refusing to take feedback

Since the start of this article, we’ve identified that feedback is crucial many times. Yet mobile app developers let this issue slide.

The bottom line is that this application was designed to be used by general public. Thus, it is crucial that they have the opportunity to decide what they would like to be able to see in the app they intend to utilize. In the absence of this, they will not utilize it.

“Multiple Iterations” of feedback from users can be the sole way to get out of this terrifying situation. The most important changes that need that are to be made to the app must be based on the feedback of users would like.

10. This is the Unplanned commercial launch for the App

The most frequently made mistakes made in mobile app development occurs during an app’s Market release of an app.

It starts by broadening your market to all people without narrowing down your people you want to reach during the planning of the release of your app. Be aware that nobody is your market.

Here are the steps to take before you launch your mobile app stores:

  • Check your MVP prior to making a decision to launch. You’ll have an idea of the changes that need to be made and redundancies that need to be eliminated from the app prior to launching.
  • Get help from a professional to optimize the App store
  • Do not overlook a great UX or user experience
  • Be extra attentive to a well-designed onboarding process since it is vital from a user’s perspective to get the first impressions about your mobile app.

These steps are vital to test your feet and explore the waters before diving into. Once you have a clear understanding of your market, you can modify your mobile application according to the needs of the moment.

The most common errors when developing mobile apps and the lessons learned from the bottom of each one can be used to build the foundation for a new standard procedure.

Starting from identification of the need and validation for customers to testing and launching your app on the appropriate platform following a thorough questionnaire and their feedback, you have the most important step to protecting your hard-earned assets.

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