Top Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers in 2023 


It is expected that by 2023, outsourcing would still have left its mark on the software industry and will be handling complex software development difficulties at a faster rate. According to Grand View Research, the global IT outsourcing sector is expected to grow from USD 245.91 billion in 2021 to USD 261.9 billion in 2023. Some software companies prefer to outsource their project to a qualified team, but others prefer to hire specialised experts.

A dedicated development team or a single dedicated developer can assist firms in completing tasks without having to worry about paybacks, salaries, reimbursement or other debts. The key reason for hiring dedicated developers in 2023 is to fill talent gaps within the team, if any. As a result, businesses can benefit from cutting-edge technologies in the mobile app and web development processes.

Assume you own a mobile app and web development company with tech-savvy employees, but you need industry expertise to create apps for your clients. However, finding dependable in-house developers in 2023 who understand your specific project requirements and are willing to put in a lot of effort is difficult. Here is where dedicated developers come into the picture.

Consider the following reasons why you should engage dedicated developers for your leading firm in 2023 before engaging any offshore development team for your project.

  • Global Talent Availability

With 30% of IT jobs vacant in Canada and over 95% of businesses looking for tech talents in the United States are experiencing a skills shortage since the last year, this model will allow you access to a pool of global talent and unlocks a world of new possibilities for your firm. Working from the same or a different time zone, dedicated professional developers have the necessary skill sets and expertise to optimise the stack of your tech capabilities, from developing new products and processes to achieving higher levels of organisational efficiency. While your outsourced team is capable of delivering top-tier tech solutions at a lower cost, they can also step into co-build solutions with your in-house development team.

You can also recruit expert developers depending on their previous job experience, technical knowledge and industry-specific abilities. This ensures you have access to the greatest team members available, which is critical for providing high-quality software solutions. 

  • Agility

The level of agility offered by the model is yet another important benefit of having a specialised development team, regardless of your company’s size. By outsourcing your technology efforts to these teams, you can keep your in-house workforce small and focused on core business duties. Higher levels of agile delivery can be achieved by viewing the dedicated software development team as an extension of your on-premises workforce rather than a third-party working for your organisation. Hiring a development team for one-time or seasonal work can improve the efficiency of new releases, technology migrations and other comparable tasks while keeping your company processes flexible.

  • Scalability and Adaptability

Working with dedicated developers allows you to scale up or down as needed. This means you’ll be able to respond rapidly to changes in your business, such as increased demand for your products or services. Companies can scale their IT services up or down based on their needs by outsourcing specific IT functions, allowing them to choose the level of control they want to maintain over their IT operations. Furthermore, dedicated developers frequently have experience working on a variety of projects, allowing them to quickly switch between projects as needed. This is especially crucial in industries like technology and software development, where organisations may undergo rapid growth or confront unforeseen market changes. 

According to Upwork research, 59% of businesses increasingly leverage flexible talent to meet changing demands. This trend is projected to continue in 2023, as companies seek to remain agile and respond to an increasingly volatile economic scenario. Hiring dedicated developers enables businesses to respond rapidly to changes in demand and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Cost Saving

Hiring dedicated developers can be a low-cost alternative for your company. According to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey, 70% of organisations who hire dedicated developers stated that cost-cutting was the key reason for their decision. Furthermore, the model resulted in budget reductions of up to 59%. Working with outsourced dedicated developers, as compared to recruiting full-time workers, allows you to save money on employee benefits, office space and equipment. Furthermore, you only pay for the work that is completed, so you do not have to pay for downtime or other inefficiencies. 

  • Reliability and Risk Reduction

Hiring dedicated developers lowers the likelihood of project failure. Dedicated developers have worked on a wide range of projects, so they have a thorough awareness of the potential risks and obstacles that can arise during software development. Furthermore, dedicated developers are driven to complete high-quality work on time and within budget. This decreases the likelihood of project failure and contributes to the success of your software development initiatives.

  • Reduced Time to Market

One of the most significant benefits of hiring dedicated developers is the reduced time to market. Unlike a generalist developer, who may have numerous projects competing for their attention, devoted developers focus solely on one project or set of duties. This helps them to have a thorough awareness of the needs and specifications, allowing them to offer high-quality products at a much faster rate.

This strategy ensures that your development process remains streamlined, lowering your time-to-market dramatically. The development process can be divided into smaller jobs, each of which is allocated to a professional developer. The dedicated developer can work uninterrupted on the tasks and the completed tasks can be evaluated and approved before being merged into the project. 


Dedicated development teams are fairly common among 1000s of prototype development teams. Employing a dedicated resource is equivalent to employing a shooter to handle any problems that develop as a result of your current project. However, there may be benefits and drawbacks that you must deal with during that time. Furthermore, if you choose to hire dedicated developers of experts , you can alleviate all of the issues associated with establishing and delivering infrastructure benefits.

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