Why a iPad Pro used Could Be the Best Tablet for You


Want to buy an iPad pro used? Be sure to also consider the refurbished store. Here’s why.

Apple’s current line of tablets includes the iPad mini (6th generation), iPad (9th generation), iPad Air (5th generation), and M1 versions of the iPad Pros. With so many options, the market for refurbished iPads has also grown.

But what’s the best way to buy an iPad: new, iPad pro used or refurbished? And what is the difference? In this article, let’s review your options and highlight some of the best refurbished iPad deals.

What does “refurbished” mean?

Refurbished or refurbished Apple products are used devices. But they have been rigorously tested and repaired to work like new.

By contrast, buying a used but not refurbished iPad – on eBay or GumTree, for example – means you’re buying the device “as is” with no aftermarket protection, which makes it a bit more risky if you don’t know the seller. If the previous owner forgot to unlink their Apple ID from the device, you may no longer be able to access the device. Apple Customer Service cannot help you unlock it without the original Apple ID details due to its strict security policy.

To avoid such inconveniences, buying a refurbished vehicle is a good compromise between new and used.

If the device is factory refurbished or certified refurbished, e.g. B. When you buy an Apple-certified refurbished iPad, you can be assured of the same quality and reliability as new, while also delivering reasonable economics. Refurbished Store (and UK Refurbished Store) prices are up to 15% cheaper than regular Apple Stores.

Refurbished Apple products go through a rigorous cleaning, testing, and repair process. Non-working or damaged parts will be replaced to keep the final product working like new.

Some of the refurbished used iPads from the Apple Store may only have been used once. Maybe it was a device lent to a journalist, or it was quickly returned by a customer who decided they wanted a different model, or maybe there was a small bug, but Apple has this now as part of the refurbishment process Fixed.

refurbished iPad

What is the difference between a refurbished iPad and a brand new iPad?

When you buy a refurbished iPad from Apple, you get the same one-year warranty as you get when you buy a brand new iPad, all the manuals and accessories that came with a new iPad, a brand new battery and outer case, and new white packaging for it too.

The new box isn’t the same as what you’d get if you bought a new iPad, and we suspect this puts people off buying a refurbished iPad and trying to sell it as new. However, we think you’ll have a hard time recognizing anything other than what’s inside this box.

Apple promises that all refurbished iPads it sells are in full working condition, and they’ve all been fully tested to make sure. All parts that were defective when the iPad was returned by its previous owner have been replaced, and the entire iPad has been cleaned and inspected to ensure that it is in excellent condition.

If you prefer a longer warranty than the included one-year version, you can purchase AppleCare+ for your refurbished iPad. AppleCare+ extends your warranty to two years and includes additional technical support, 24/7 access to Apple experts, and hardware coverage for up to two accidental damages. However, each claim costs an additional $49 / £39.

Should I buy a ipad pro used?

It is definitely worth considering buying a refurbished iPad. Even if you’re not buying directly from Apple, there are plenty of other retailers that offer refurbished iPads that are worth checking out. If you’re happy with an older generation iPad, you might be able to get a larger capacity model or a Wi-Fi + Cellular model for less.

There are just a few things to consider before making your purchase, especially if you choose a third party.

First, check out the renovated classroom. Often you will see this as an A-Grade, B-Grade, or C-Grade. As you guessed, this correlates to the condition of the device. It’s not an exact science, as each retailer has their own standards for each quality, but it generally indicates what to expect (especially if you’re buying online).

Class A refurbished equipment should look like new or show very, very slight signs of wear. During this time, Class B devices may show minor scratches or wear, while Class C devices show obvious signs of wear.

Second, make sure the refurbished iPad has a warranty. This shouldn’t be too difficult as most dealers offer at least a year’s coverage. A warranty allows you to get repairs and other technical support if the device has problems.

Is It Safe to Buy a ipad pro used?

Now that new iPads are available, buying a refurbished one will save you both your money and your sanity. Here’s where and how to buy one.

Apple just released new iPad and iPad Pro models, following the latest iPad Air in early 2022 and iPad Mini in 2021. While it’s tempting to buy the latest model in pristine condition, you can potentially save a lot of money by opting for a refurbished iPad instead. They would also prevent more e-waste from going to a landfill.

Refurbished – refurbished for short – is a used product that has been inspected or otherwise refurbished by the manufacturer or a third party for resale. It could be something that was returned under warranty because it was defective, or the packaging could have been damaged in shipping, or it could be a retail model that was used for demonstrations.

iPad Pro

Not only does a refurbishment save you money over newer models, but you can also get cheap older iPads that may no longer be available but will suit your needs. Also, it keeps the good technology out of the landfills perfectly.

Still, it can be tricky to buy something stamped as obsolete, as the word can mean different things to different retailers. What’s the point of saving money if you’re just buying someone else’s problems?

The key to a good refurbished iPad is to buy from a reputable retailer who will accurately state not only the condition of the refurbished iPad, but also their own return and warranty policies. In this case, it is better to start with the manufacturer.

Beware of market vendors

Amazon, Walmart, and Newegg sell refurbished iPads. They also have third-party vendors that use their websites to do the same. The problem with this is that warranties and return policies may differ between refurbishments sold directly from the store and those sold by third-party sellers.

For Amazon, stick with iPads sold under the Amazon Renewed label. To earn this designation, they must be “inspected and tested to work and look like new by a qualified, performance-oriented Amazon supplier, who is either the official seller if not Amazon.com , or a third-party vendor when Amazon.com sells products that it purchases from third-party vendors.” Amazon Renewed products come with a minimum 90-day warranty and are covered by Amazon’s return policy.

Finding this information for sellers in Walmart’s Marketplace takes a bit more effort: you need to click on the seller’s name. But honestly, it’s best to stick with products sold and shipped by Walmart simply because you can walk straight to a store if you want to return it within your meager 15-day window.

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