Easy Steps to Export Outlook OLM Files to CSV on Mac


We know that contacts are an important part of our life as they contain people’s vital information. This helps in connecting with people wisely, as they are so important that’s why taking their backup also becomes important. Though making routine backups of all the contacts contains lots of difficulties like data breaches or switching between email platforms. Suppose you are a mac user and want to shift to other platforms, or you want to take a backup in CSV format. Then, it is not an easy process because of all the complex online converters available all over the surf. 

To find the best method to export Outlook OLM files to CSV on Mac, continue reading this blog. In the first place, we will explain some reasons for this conversion process. After that, we will solve this query using manual solutions first. Though at the later stage we will also include a professional OLM Converter for Mac to accomplish this process.

Reasons to Move OLM Files to CSV

Though there are multiple reasons for this conversion, the below-mentioned are the most common among all.

  • A CSV file is able to store a large number of contacts with a person’s information.
  • It consists of columns and rows, making it easy for new users to use.
  • This CSV format is widely supported by various email clients like MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Apps, Gmail, Android, and iPhone.
  • Various spreadsheet tools like MS Excel and Google Spreadsheets recover their CSV data files offline.

After completing the reasons, it is time to move toward the solution part. Follow the next section of this blog to get aware of the best solutions to convert Outlook OLM files to CSV.

How to convert OLM to CSV Free on Mac?

In order to answer this question in the best manner, we will state about two well-researched methods. Firstly, we will talk about the available native solution but they carry certain limitations. So to eliminate that we will move on to a professional solution.

Manual Solution to Open OLM File in Excel

Follow the below steps carefully to export Outlook OLM files to CSV with ease using the inbuilt MS Outlook application.

  1. Open and Run MS Outlook on your Mac Machine.
  2. Click on Import/Export menu to import the OLM file in it.
  3. After the OLM data is successfully imported, tap the Import/Export button one more time.
  4. Choose the Export to a File option from the Import and Export Wizard, and click on Export to a File.
  5. Here, select Comma Separated Values and click Next.
  6. Lastly, choose the saving location to save the resulting CSV file and click Finish.

Before, taking the final call, you should also consider the following downsides of the above solution. As a decision is best taken when properly analyzed.

Drawbacks of the Native Solution

  • You will not be able to preview the selected OLM files after selecting them.
  • This does not allow the elimination of duplicate file items from the conversion.
  • The process is a bit tricky for technical as well as new users.
  • Users cannot bulk export Outlook OLM files to CSV.
  • Users will not be given the option to exclude attachments while selecting the files.

You can easily get rid of these limitations with the following expert-recommended solution.

Automated Solution to Export Outlook OLM files to CSV

MacSonik OLM Converter Tool is a quick and easy solution to smoothly convert Outlook OLM files to CSV. It maintains data hierarchy and data integrity at the same time during conversion. You can also convert OLM to PST, PDF, MBOX, and many more file formats/email clients. This Mac OLM Converter additionally removes duplicate emails from the conversion process without any data alteration. Users can bulk convert and export OLM files on Mac without any hassle.

Steps to Move OLM Files to CSV

  1. Install and Open the MacSonik OLM Exporter.
  2. Add the required OLM files to be converted to CSV format.
  3. Tick the required files that need to be converted from the appeared wizard.
  4. Select CSV as the saving format from the drop-down menu.
  5. Apply the desired features of the tool as per need.
  6. Lastly, click on Convert to successfully export Outlook OLM files to CSV format on Mac.

By following these steps you will get successfully converted your OLM files to CSV format. Now you can access or open OLM files in Excel without any hassle. To convert Windows OST files into CSV format you can choose OST to PST Converter for Mac. It can risk-free convert and migrate OST files into more than 15+ file formats and email clients with ease.


In the above write up we have included two effective solutions to prominently export Outlook OLM files to CSV format. At first, we included a manual solution to complete the conversion process. After that, we moved on to a professional solution. The automated mac OLM converter is a 100% reliable and quick solution.  Well, there is no need to rush when it comes to selecting the best method for yourself. To make the choice easier for you we have elaborated on both solutions in detail.

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