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You know most people have this misconception that once you have crossed the process of designing and developing a website, it means your job is done! Well, you see website development is a never-ending procedure. Website monitoring software, even if you are done with the development then you need to consider certain aspects such as how your end-users are reacting, analyze their issues (if any) and fix them as soon as possible or else sooner or later they will be switching to your competitors.

Now here comes the big question, is there any chance to learn what’s wrong with the website or why some of your valued customers have already made a switch. Simple we have the answer, it can be done by measuring user experience! This is one of the prime reasons why application monitoring is important and what kind of tools and technologies must be taken into consideration to do so?

Website Monitoring Tools

First and foremost, let’s get some basics right!  An application monitoring or web monitoring software is a way through which businesses can analyze a significant amount of data and find the sole reason behind their customers making a switch. In fact, by using a different bunch of tools and technologies, one can easily figure out whether your visitors are facing any speed issues or navigation issues, or if they don’t find the content user-friendly and so forth.

Developing a website is just a stepping stone, there is no point in doing so if you don’t validate the website’s performance or identify significant issues. Start your day by doing a basic health check of your online presence. By doing so, the monitoring regime will be imbibed in you naturally. The culture of cut-throat competition cannot be ignored at any rate and since everything you are doing is to gain the attention of the end-user then you must consider how they feel as soon as they visit your website. And if you have a slow-loading site then this is it, get rid of it right away because there is no room for a first poor impression. After all your sales, revenue, and profits everything can go at stake.

So yes, to deliver an optimal user experience, it is vital to conduct the process of monitoring and keeping tabs on its performance day in and day out! Of course, this cannot be practiced manually you need a wide range of tools and technologies by your side. According to Shubham Sharma working as a web developer – Tools which can check certain aspects such as the page size or broken links, CPU utilization, SSL certificate, domain name expiration dates, SEO and whatnot!

Not to mention by doing this at regular intervals, you won’t be providing an unmatched user experience but also make a positive impact in regards to your site’s performance, speed and uptime.

Further below I would like to mention certain benefits of choosing website monitoring tools.

Benefits of Website Monitoring Tools

#1 Saves Time

One of the obvious benefits of investing in such web monitoring tools is that it assists well by saving ample time. You don’t have to keep watch over your customers like a hawk as the tool can run all such trains for you. It’s more kind of an automated process so even to get started with monitoring the website you don’t have to learn anything, setting this up is extremely easy.

#24/7 Updates

Another advantage of investing in a website monitoring tool is here you are bound to receive 24/7 updates and notifications. So in case, if there is any error or issue occurs, it can be fixed then and there. I mean who has time to keep loading the site and see whether it’s working properly or not again and again? For such purposes, website monitoring tools can be of great assistance! Not to mention in any case, if somehow the website stops working, you will be notified of the backup in no time.

#3 Optimized Performance

Your Website is the freaking face of your business so it is a must-do thing to ensure that it is well-optimized or not in regards to performance. A healthy website means you are bound to enhance your business in regard to growth. Now detecting red flags is not easy especially if you don’t know your average conversion rate. How will you know where the problem lies? Is it with the cart or checkout APIs, payment process and more?

All these technical errors can have a huge impact on the website’s performance which can be reduced through effective website monitoring. Simultaneously, keep watching out for metrics such as high bounce rate and low bounce rate.

Website Monitoring Tools – The Common Yet Crucial Types!

The advantages of investing in a website monitoring tool are many but these are the most important ones. Now, there are mostly four types of website monitoring tools found.

Server monitors – As the name implies, this one checks whether external servers can be used or not such as SSL certificate providers, FTP, etc.

API Monitoring – This tool assists in checking your website’s app transactions and protocols.

Performance checks – This type of tool collects visitors’ data, page views, for how long visitors prefer to stay, in case they stopped and whatnot!

Issue monitors check – This one checks the frontend and backend code, CSS scripts, videos and whatnot!  

Now further below I would like to shed some light on some of the top website monitoring tools to take into consideration.

Top Website Monitoring Tools

1.   Sematext

One of the most prominent names to take into consideration while looking for the best website monitoring tools is Sematext Cloud. This is an all-in-one log management or a monitoring tool that has the potential to provide great visibility and accurate information in real-time. Yes, Sematext does offer real-time user monitoring and this is what makes sematext a go-to tool for developers. This web monitoring tool surely assists in reporting actual experience and satisfies your end users by offering suggestions and recommendations on how the website is actually performing irrespective of the location, device or speed.

From Sematext cloud, you can expect stats such as third APIs responses, speed, error rates, website uptime, SSL certificate expiry, and many other mission-critical metrics. Not to mention that getting started with this tool is pretty easy. On and all, why must Sematext Cloud be taken into consideration?

  • Get a unified location
  • Easily resources can be identified
  • No scope for a negative impact
  • Get real-time alerts and debugging suggestions
  • Well-documented features

2.   Monitis

Another website monitoring tool that should be grabbing your attention by now is Monitis. This tool is not available for free but that certainly doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken into consideration at all. Again this one is a Cloud-based tool that tends to check your website at an interval of every 5 minutes and report back with the help of a customizable alerting system.

What exactly does monitis have to offer? Well, almost everything from website uptime monitoring to network performance, custom metrics and so more. Now this one is a real-time monitoring tool that works wonders with different other tools such as Uptime Monitoring, Transaction Monitoring, and Full Page Load monitoring tools. Monitis offers a customizable pricing scheme, it’s like you will only have to pay for those features that you will use and not anything else. Benefits offered by Monitis include:

  • A mobile app
  • It supports multiple languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, German 
  • Simple granular control

3.   Uptime

This one is also paid but it features some of the most intimidating aspects such as SSL monitoring, 24/7 support, Malware scanning and of course a wide range of third-party integrations. Uptime is one of the leading website monitoring tools that monitors your website at one-minute intervals across 6 continents. In case, if anything is found suspicious, fret not, the tool certainly notifies you via email or SMS or any other way.

This one is a Real-user monitoring tool and has the potential to offer the best services by tracking users. Accurate tracking is possible here no matter how different the user devices, location or connection is.  All the data presented will be easy to understand and the tool even provides recommendations on how to fix the performance issues of the site. What makes uptime worth considering?

  • Simple to use UI
  • Google Safe Browsing & Yandex Safe Browsing
  • Detailed reports and recommendations
  • Immediate alerts can be received  

4.   New Relic Browser

One of the most popular API tools to take into account as a web monitoring software is the New Relic Browser. This browser comprises advanced Real-user Monitoring features that can offer some valuable insights from the end-user perspective. What exactly does the New Relic Browser do? It monitors the entire life cycle. Yes, I am talking right from the moment a user enters the app. Some of its core features include:

  • Browser Pageviews
  • Page Load Times
  • AJAX Timing and Call Reports
  • Browser session Traces
  • Single Page Application architecture
  • Track performance of individual sessions

Not to mention here you can find synthetic monitoring as an option easily.

5.   Uptime Robot

This web monitoring tool is a freemium tool. Though this one being a new kid in the block has the ability to make it to this list of the top user experienced web monitoring tools and technologies. You can atleast get 50 monitors for free with 5-minute monitoring intervals from 12 locations around.

And you know what’s the best part here? The tool offers both synthetic monitoring as well as real user monitoring. In addition, it can be easily integrated with Slack, Pagerduty, OpsGenie, Telegram, and VictorOps. Some of the core benefits of Uptime Robot include:

  • Advanced notifications
  • The setup process is extremely simple
  • Receive notifications via SMS and emails
  • Heartbeat monitoring


On and all, a 5 minute-read like this is no harm. In fact, this one, in particular, shows the significance of incorporating such tools and technologies and how they can assist well in increasing productivity. So I hope you liked reading the post and if you do please spare some time and help me in spreading the word. You see, keeping a close eye on these aspects can assist you well in numerous benefits.

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