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Have you ever thought about how businesses continually address customer needs, particularly within our continually-evolving technological landscape? The solution that they adopt (and you must too!) – actively designing innovative components to integrate into their applications. As a part of the mobile app development industry, you undoubtedly understand that UI/UX designers are an important part of the design and development team. This is why several businesses are shifting their focus more towards their UI/UX design teams.

We recommend you prepare your design team well in advance to fulfill user needs and gain competitive advantage; this preparation should include focusing on identifying which UI trends are likely to disrupt the UI industry. If you’re seeking the top mobile UI trends in 2024 to ensure your design team is equipped to fulfill evolving customer requirements, we are here to assist you; our expert development and design teams have compiled this article, available below, listing the five most significant mobile UI trends in 2024!

Well-Performing Mobile UI Trends in 2024 and Upcoming Years

Are you looking for the top mobile UI trends in 2024 that your design team must focus on? After extensive research, our design and development team has put together this list for you!

1.   Lottie Animation for Simplified Design and Graphics

If you have not heard about Lottie design, we don’t blame you. Although Lottie animation has huge potential, very few UI designers recognize its benefits. Imagine this – you have created great animations for your website, logo, and branding materials; but, when transferring it, you see that the file size is large and the resolution is really bad.

This is where Lottie animation can help; Lottie files are JSON-based, smaller than your typical GIFs and PNGs, and offer better visual qualities. We recommend you check out the Lottie marketplace created by Drawer Design to find the works of numerous designers like you. If a design or visual element catches your eye, you can simply log in to the platform, purchase it, and download it for use on other platforms.

You will also find that there are several Lottie start-ups and companies; these were established solely based on this mobile UI trend in 2024!

2.  Feature Development Based on Metaverse Technologies

If you have ever played games where you felt like you were transported into the virtual world, you have had a brief contact with AR and VR. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are Metaverse Technologies that you can include to provide your app users with similar experiences.

Are you confused about how these Metaverse technologies can help and how your design team is supposed to integrate them? We recommend you check out the Ikea Place app; in the app, you can simply enable your device’s back camera and view Ikea’s furniture pieces in the setting you are in.

If you are asking, what is the benefit of developing features based on these, well the answer is – these features allow users to virtually try out digital elements in real-life settings. Consider the Ikea Place app for example, the app enables users like you to see whether a piece of furniture would look good in their homes or not; this helps you make purchasing decisions in the comfort of your home.

Are you looking for more ideas on how you can implement AR and VR features in your application? We recommend you check out how real-estate properties are using these features; another great place that you can draw inspiration from is Matterport’s website.

3.  Increased Business Needs for UI/UX Designers

If you started your career in the design industry before 2020, you surely know about the rise in demand for design jobs; this can be attested to the increased business needs for UI/UX designers and added focus on user experience. Do you remember the days when we had to spend hours on the internet to find products we liked? And, today, all of your favorite products and recommended ones get suggested automatically (inevitably leading to long shopping lists for me).

You will also notice that several UI/UX design bootcamps have come up; especially on popular skill-learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera. You will also find that even Google has launched its UI/UX certification course (available on Coursera). So, it is clear that 2024 will see a rise in the demand for UI/UX designers and an increased focus on an application’s user interface.

4.  Integration with Blockchain

Today, companies mainly use blockchain and know about it because of cryptocurrency. But, do you know what blockchain actually refers to and how you can use it in your app’s UI/UX design? You can think of blockchain as an un-editable ledger that is divided into multiple locations; so, editing and deleting records that you have once entered is impossible!

If you are thinking of developing finance or healthcare apps, you must consider implementing blockchain. Added security, elimination of middle-men, reduced operating costs, and increased business efficiency are some benefits that you will surely enjoy.

We recommend you blend blockchain, one of the most popular mobile UI trends in 2024, with your application’s user design; this will help protect user data and allow your designers and developers to implement secure logins and identity verification.

5.  Added Focus of Google Updates on Usability

Have you heard of concepts like SEO and digital marketing (yes, we know they are not directly related to mobile app development, but are necessary)?

Well, both of these concepts focus on drawing traffic to your website, but shouldn’t that be a one-time job? The answer is no; this is because search engines like Google update their algorithms and the recent Google update focuses on Core Web Vitals. If you’re confused about what Google’s Core Web Vitals update means for your business and UI/UX team, don’t worry, we will break it down.

Google’s Core Web Vitals are some metrics that determine overall user experience and evaluate whether your website provides value to your users or not. Coming to what you and your UI/UX design team should do – the first step is to focus on adding accessible elements that help elevate user experience. When you do so, your website will be favored more by users and Google will recognize it, boosting your website.


Since you are here reading this article, we are sure that you have already checked out UI trends for 2023 and started adding user-focused design elements to your app. We recommend you keep focusing on elevating user experience and instruct your UI/UX team to spend more time researching on user preferences.

In the above article, we listed the top five mobile UI trends in 2024 to help you out; a common trend that you must have seen is the added focus on usability and user experience. We hope you got great insights into how the design and development industry is set to change in 2024 and beyond; and, hope that the article helped you learn how you can gain competitive advantage.

You can also partner with a professional company offering mobile app development services to ensure the development and delivery of functional, user-centric apps. This will take off some of the burden off your shoulders and ensure that you have an expert UI/UX design team at your disposal!

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