What is Odoo ERP?


Odoo ERP is business management software to support business operations and at the end of the last century, digitization leads to the seamless implementation of a fully integrated software system to manage overall business planning and reporting. 

This ERP tool manages a wide range of business operations, ranging from raw material management to product designing to manufacturing to distribution and storage of the same. As end-to-end support, this tool looks into other aspects like marketing, customer relations, and product lifecycle management. 

Hence, with the release of the latest version, this ERP tool, with all the apps and features, is providing reliable business management solutions.

ODOO Hosting

Hosting can be defined as a process to run the functions of a website or any other specific application. For storage of website application information and assets, the hosting service provider will get adequate space and allocation in a web server. Hosting for ERP software determines the operational capability in a business area. Due to the existence of numerous hosting methodologies, selecting Odoo Hosting option depends on the understanding of the company, its functions, the need for the operation, and the financial capability of the business.

So, Odoo Hosting options are based on the operational need

  • Odoo online
  • Odoo.sh (dedicated cloud)
  • On-premises

ODOO Hosting – Types

For fulfilling the needs of the customers, the Odoo platform provides the following operational mode-

  • Odoo Cloud Hosting– For managing the cloud-based operations, the enterprise edition of Odoo is based on SaaS (Software as a service) terminology. Due to some restrictions on customization and company operation, this on-demand software model is suitable for small-scale institutions. The benefits of this hosting mode are smooth maintenance and migration of the software.
  • Odoo.sh- In this mode of operation Odoo will act as a service provider to the users and the Odoo Hosting platform runs either on a dedicated server or a shared one. Based on the user needs and company operations, the hosting mode is decided. For example, if the organization is a small one with a limited number of users, then the shared server operation is the best one. On the other, for a dedicated one, the company’s operational needs depend on the detailed software requirements.
  • On-premise Hosting- the hosting operation will either be based on a server from company premises or as a service provider. Configuration of the operation will either be managed by a third-party service provider or a local server. Both in the case of local and worldwide operations, users deal with server maintenance and operational charges.

Reasons for using Odoo Hosting

Due to the operational capabilities, Odoo, the ERP system and cloud-based website builder, helps in site creation and managing online operations. The Odoo Hosting has its intuitive interface and for this, the Odoo ERP tool provides significant advantages-

  • Handling of plenty activities like automating invoice processing, inventory management, CRM, sales, reporting, and accounting
  • By adding various attributes of products like colors or sizes, this ERP program helps in shop organization
  • Supporting up/cross-selling, recommended products for client purchase
  • Customer-friendly tool to provide simple instructions and tracking facilities
  • Developing a wide client range by integrating with an e-commerce platform like Amazon
  • Collaborating with gateways like PayPal to send an automatic follow-up to clients for payment reminder

Domains using Odoo Hosting

Based on various criteria Odoo Hosting is generally used by the following sectors as the ERP tool combines the apps with features-

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Retailers, including e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Field service operations
  • R&D companies
  • Service companies
  • Marketing companies
  • Training companies 
  • IT and consultants
  • Accounting firms  

Odoo Hosting Requirements

When choosing a plan for Odoo hosting provider the must-have requirements for this platform are Python and PostgreSQL. Due to this reason, getting best web hosting in India cannot be provided on a shared one and also depending on the features, some other software requirements also exist. Hence, the Odoo Hosting providers can be categorized into below three-

  • Minimal usage- no more than 10 users at a time
  • Medium usage- between 10-50 users at a time
  • High usage- with dozens of modules hundreds of users at a time  

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