White Label PPC Agency Vs. Managing PPC In-House


To understand the difference between a White-Label PPC Agency and hiring a team for PPC let’s first understand this term. PPC marketing plays a vital role in attracting new customers that help in growing your business. The major benefit is that you can start getting leads the same day you start your campaign.

As it makes your brand visible to specific audiences which are related to your business. This is all done by targeting the right audience in the campaign. Simply hit the right people related to your business which avoids unnecessary ad spend. And also you can retarget those people who already visited your website and engaged with your brand. 

Now if you are thinking of attracting customers cost-effectively for your business then the best way is to hire a white-label PPC agency.

Let’s dive into it and understand the benefits and differences between managing PPC in-house and hiring a white-label PPC agency.

It totally depends on your nature of business to take a call for a house team or hire a third party. There are several things to consider before you go down this path.

In case you hire a house team you are responsible for

  • Their whole recruitment and training process.
  • A set of tools you have to buy to do the process.
  • Limited way of people and their perspective.
  • Holiday and sick leave
  • Accommodation and all expenses of the team.

But if you go with the white-label PPC agency

  • You gain access to a team of experts in a particular field. They understand the market and nature of different businesses and design the campaign to achieve their goal.
  • When you hire a third party you just have to pay and sit back and relax—no need to think about hiring the employees or training them.
  • You will get results more effectively in a shorter span of time.
  • Risk management is very low.
  • All the credit for your client’s success goes to you. Your brand gets all the credit.
  • Easy to become a stop solution agency. These white-label agencies are giving solutions to all kinds of digital advertising. You can serve yourself as a full-service agency that can fulfill any kind of needs of its clients.

So from all these comparisons, one thing is clear labeling some other under your brand is easier as compared to doing it yourself or hiring a team.

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