Future of Augmented Reality In Business In Upcoming Years


Remember the sensational mobile game Pokemon Go? It was the first kind of app that successfully utilized augmented reality technology. Since then, many mobile apps have used AR for various purposes and witnessed dramatic success.

And the way businesses are adopting augmented reality in their existing system and applications, AR is set to play a very big role in the future. Therefore, people are curious to know about the future of augmented reality in business in the upcoming years.

If you are also interested in knowing this emerging trend then here in this blog, we are going to discuss this topic.

So let’s dive into

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive technology that superimposes real-world and computer-generated images or content and thus gives an augmented reality experience. AR is the integration of virtual graphic elements and real-world physical things. It basically combines or integrates digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory-stimulating things. With AR, users can add virtual things to the live image or screen.

Current Statistics Of AR Market

AR is one of the fastest-emerging technologies these days. It enables users to create their desired digital elements combined with real-world experience. And this unique ability of AR gives plenty of advantages to businesses in various ways. From providing custom product buying experience or real-time product analysis, AR assists businesses by empowering them with an integrated visual experience.

Due to this, the use of augmented reality is expanding dramatically across multiple industries. According to the latest market reports, the AR/VR market is projected to reach $300 Billion by 2024. Top mobile app development companies are increasingly implementing AR in their process to create custom and innovative digital solutions.

How AR Is Transforming The Future Of Businesses?

AR provides immense benefits to businesses in various ways. Be it gaming, shopping, entertainment, or utility, AR empowers businesses and companies to enhance their product and customer experience in a transforming way. At present, augmented reality is being used in multiple industries and hence it is opening new opportunities for business in the upcoming years. Let us take a look at how AR is transforming the future of businesses

1. Enhanced buying experience

The retail sector often has to deal with challenges in providing a good product-buying experience. In the current digital age, people mostly purchase products online by viewing 2D images of the products which come with its own limitations and barriers. In this aspect, AR helps retail businesses with enhanced buying experiences and eliminates the barriers with physical and eCommerce.

With AR mobile apps, customers can visualize the products as per their own specific condition or environment and this makes a better buying decision. Many retail businesses have adopted augmented reality applications to offer better product buying experiences.

2. Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry is also utilizing augmented reality in several ways. Manufacturing companies are using AR technology to create custom solutions for improving day-to-day operations and efficiency. With AR-enabled apps, workers are able to identify potential errors and defects in the products and eliminate possible loss or damage in the manufacturing process.

In addition to this, AR app development cost is also more affordable than other solutions. Hence, it helps manufacturing companies save huge time and operational costs by streamlining their process. Considering this growing application of augmented reality, its usage is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

3. Entertainment

The capability of AR to allow users to create an integrated digital environment makes it highly useful for entertainment and gaming purposes. The sensational game Pokemon Go is the best example that drew huge attention in the market.

Many companies are creating AR-based mobile games and apps that offer new-age real-world interactive and immersive experiences. Some companies have also created virtual escape rooms like AR space stations, haunted rooms, and more fascinating concepts with augmented reality for offering innovative entertainment and gaming experiences.

4. Real estate

Real estate is also one of the top industries which is taking immense advantage of AR technology. Real estate companies are using AR to create virtual tour experiences. With AR-enabled mobile apps, real estate companies and agents are transforming home searching into digital experiences.

They are also using this technology to automate their different operations like construction and workforce management, home listing and viewing activities, and more. And it is interesting to see that the real estate sector has witnessed dramatic improvement in business growth and customer acquisition rate.

5. Training and education

AR offers great benefits when it comes to providing effective training and education. Companies are using AR-based applications to create digital training manuals with customized features for letting users learn new things easily. Many companies are using augmented reality technology to create 3D training content for employees.

This helps companies in automating their employee training process and thus save considerable time and effort. In the education sector too, institutions use AR-based apps for providing enhanced e-learning experience to students.

6. Travel

Augmented reality is disrupting the tourism and travel industry with innovative features. Travel companies are using AR-based apps to offer unique travel planning and destination exploration experiences. Hotels are utilizing AR technology to create augmented room search experiences.

Besides this, AR is used in other travel operations like transportation, destination finding, travel planning, enhanced local sightseeing experience, and more.

Google Maps has also released its updated version equipped with augmented reality. This updated Map version shows directions and added digital elements when users scan or position their device camera on a path or sight.

Final Thoughts

Augmented reality is a transformative technology. It comes with innovative capabilities that empower businesses with unique features. AR helps companies and businesses streamline and upgrade their existing systems or applications with an integrated visual experience. By implementing AR, businesses have witnessed dramatic improvement in their growth and customer experiences.

And therefore, AR is creating more scope for businesses in the future. But since implementing AR in business solutions requires great expertise you would need to take assistance from a professional mobile app development company. They are specialized in creating effective and result-driven AR solutions for businesses.

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