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There is an ocean of content existing on the internet. With so many hashtags, active profiles and ever-increasing users, managing and filtering out social media content for your brand is not an easy task. But despite being difficult to gather, social media content is the easiest and most flexible way to promote your brand. 

Brand events exist for the sole purpose of gaining exposure for your brand and can serve any brand as a great marketing strategy.

But how can you, as a band, aggregate social media content and also find ways to use that content for your events?

Continue reading this blog to learn more about it.

How To Aggregate Social Media Content

A social media aggregator tool is a tool that lets you collect and gather data from a social media platform or any single source of content. Social media aggregator tools function smartly and let you use this collection of content from all over the internet – including most of the top social media platforms in different ways. 

Fortunately, various social media aggregation tools in the market allow you to gather quality content from many social media channels to help you use them for your events. 

These tools collect content through single sources like hashtags, user handles, mentions or stories. You can use tools to create social walls for events, digital signages or embed content from social media on your event’s website. 

Hosting unforgettable events takes a lot of time and creative ideas. With a social media aggregator tool, you can put all the hard work into your social media to good use by displaying that content on big screens at events in attractive layouts and customizations according to your brand tone. 

Why Use A Social Media Aggregator Tool 

Real-Time Audience Engagements

Being able to hold visitors’ attention and also having them participate in the event with you tops the list of successful events. If you intend to have an engaging event, then you must trust in the power of social media aggregation and the amazing things you can do with it, like creating display walls through hashtags, posts, and much more. 

Social media aggregator tools help you run engaging contests that create real-time engagements in your events. By including customized live hashtags, event visitors can use the hashtag to interact about your event from various platforms. You can display these contest hashtags on a social wall and make the visitors or participants feel valued and seen.

This exposure leads to increased event engagement. 

Displays User-Generated Content

Your brand’s popularity during events highly depends on how you portray your brand to the attendees. Events can be a suitable platform to exhibit your brand’s social media presence and utilize user-generated content for your brand.

You can display posts through brand hashtags, mentions or tags, user handles and Google reviews. Circulating user-generated content helps to market your brand and set a tone among visitors. User-generated content acts as social proof for your brand and works great in gaining trust and genuine customers. 

Recall Value

Creating brand recall value is vital for any event. If your audience is not talking about your brand days after the event, then you probably missed out on an important aspect of hosting a near to perfect event. Displaying aggregated content in your events showcases your business as a brand. You can communicate with the audience through the content by conveying what your brand stands for.  

Brand recall enables a stronger relation between a brand and the audience. For example, it is easier to think of more brand names when it is mentioned by a product than by a category. 

Markets Your Brand 

Displaying aggregated content is also a great way to market your brand. You can convey more about your brand to your audience who are already aware of your brand, as well as make the unique audience and event attendees aware of your brand. There are so many ways you can market your brand – you can feature Google reviews, talk about your sponsors, and feature selective content to achieve the best results.

You can display and customize the aggregated content through a social media aggregation tool. When creating these social media displays, make sure you’re posting relevant and engaging content to market your brand in the best way.


In this blog, we have talked about the why’s and how’s of social media aggregation tools, and by now, you must have an understanding of how these tools work to provide you with the best outcome to make your events a great success.

With the right social media aggregation tool, you can achieve more than just fame for your event. We hope this blog helped you to get an accurate synopsis of why social media aggregation is a must-do for your events. 

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