Impact of Dissertation writing on International Students


International students have different experiences with dissertation writing. The language barrier is one of the factors that have an impact on international students. Students who lack the proper English language skills face difficulties writing their dissertation. Students also feel anxious about writing their dissertations since there are significant epistemological differences.

But there are positive impacts as well of dissertation writing on international students. Students develop research and writing skills that enable them to thrive in their professional lives. This article will discuss the impact of dissertation writing on international students.

What are the challenges faced by international students in dissertation writing?

Language Barrier

International students travel to European countries or American countries to pursue their graduation and post-graduation. These students come from developing regions whose educational standards are not quite competitive. The acquisition of knowledge and learning styles differ from their European or American counterparts. One of the most difficult challenges international students face in dissertation writing is the language barrier.

Students feel overwhelmed by the task of writing and are unable to express their thoughts. Dissertation writing requires sufficient language skills for argumentation and analysis. It requires the usage of vocabulary in context, writing for effect, and using the proper conjunctions, punctuation, and grammar. Most international students lack the proper language skills, and they are unable to write a dissertation.

Moreover, dissertation writing requires appropriate evaluation skills. Students have to evaluate texts from multiple sources for analysis and strengthening their arguments. International students have different epistemological understanding and concepts of knowledge. So, it is hard for them to grasp the ideas embedded in the texts, and therefore it takes them a lot of time to complete their dissertations.

Anxiety and Frustration

Secondly, students who are unable to write their dissertations face anxiety and frustration. Dissertation writing is an arduous task, and it is time taking. International students feel overwhelmed by the academic rules and regulations. Most of them are not aware of proper formatting and structure. They are unaware of referencing guidelines, and sometimes students succumb to plagiarism. It leads to frustration and anxiety among international students. Many of them plagiarise their dissertations, and some pay dissertation writers to complete their dissertations.

Lack of Technological Skills

Requires a sufficient understanding of technological tools for research and writing. International students have inadequate skills to use technology for writing their dissertations. Some of them are unable to use the basic Microsoft functions, Google forms and statistical tools. Students face a lot of obstacles due to the lack of technological skills. So, dissertation writing has a negative impact on those international students who lack the proper skills.

What is the positive impact of dissertation writing on international students?

International students face many challenges in PhD dissertation writing, but despite that, they improve their skills when they focus on improving their skills. Here are some of the positive impacts of dissertation writing on international students:

Reading improves knowledge

Dissertation writing requires reading from multiple sources to find the relevant data for the topic. Students have to read from books, articles, journals and newspapers to gather information for their topic. This activity enhances their learning and improves their knowledge about a particular subject. Students become aware of the topic and gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. Students also have to analyse and evaluate the texts, so it improves their analytical skills.

Better organisation

Requires notetaking and organising the information. Students have to read from multiple sources to support their points. They have to formulate an outline and collect the relevant data. It enhances their note-taking abilities and organising the information. Moreover, it instils a sense of self-discipline among international students.

Improves Writing Skills

Dissertation writing requires effective writing skills. Students have to use language devices, suitable vocabulary, phrases, complex sentences, and jargon for writing a dissertation. International students can develop their writing skills when they write a dissertation by themselves.

It requires understanding the proper use of words and language. Also, it enhances the punctuation and grammar skills of international students. Writing skills are very important in life, and they are useful even after graduating. Organisations prefer those candidates who have good writing skills. They demand that students must be able to communicate effectively in writing, especially in writing emails and report writing.

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

Dissertation writing requires analytical and problem-solving skills. Students have to develop coherent arguments and support them with credible evidence. They have to evaluate and explain their points in a logical manner. It requires analytical and problem-solving skills.

International students can develop their analytical skills when they write a dissertation. Every employer requires analytical and problem-solving skills. Organisations prefer those candidates who have good problem solving and analytical skills. So, international students can enhance their analytical skills when writing.

Critical thinking abilities

Requires critical thinking and supporting your opinions with sufficient evidence. It requires questioning everything critically and not accepting things without investigating them. It imparts curiosity among students and develops their investigation skills. These skills are quite important in academia as well as in professional life. International students can enhance their critical thinking abilities when they write a dissertation. They get to understand the importance of research and develop a curious mind that helps them in all walks of life.

Academic Integrity

Develops academic integrity among students. They have to provide due credit and proper references to the ideas of other scholars. It develops academic honesty among students, and they become contributors to the academic world. International students develop academic integrity and excellence when they write a dissertation. Moreover, they understand the importance of citations and references and do not indulge in intellectual theft.


Dissertation writing has both positive and negative impacts on international students. But the positive impact of dissertation writing on international students surpasses the negative impact. Students develop logical and writing skills despite the difficult task of writing a dissertation. These skills enhance their learning and contribute positively to their careers.

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