How To Write A Well Organized Research Paper At Graduate Level?


In academic writing, research paper is used to explain a problem after its in-depth evaluation. For a well-organized research paper, you have to work on its parts. You have to work on a research paper for the first time at the graduate level. It is obvious to make mistakes, but you can cover all such mistakes very effectively. By following the instructions to write a research paper, you can end with effective work. In a research paper, the organization of each section matters a lot. An adequately organized research paper grasps the attention of a reader. Every writer wants to see his research paper in published form. At the time of publication, an un-organized work does not get worth. Hence, in the light of the importance of work organization, this article aims to discuss how to write a well-organized research paper.

What Are The 5 Parts Of The Research Paper?

Following are five main parts of a well-organized research paper:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Method and Procedures
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Conclusion and Recommendation

Let’s discuss these parts of the research paper briefly.


You need to start writing a research paper with an introductory paragraph. The length of the introduction depends on the overall length of the research paper. Every detail in the introduction needs to be very clear and specific. First of all, mention the overview of a research topic. In this overview, address the research problem. After that, write down the background information relevant to your topic. Explain the importance of your study that can grasp the attention of a reader. Describe the methodology to address the research problem. In the last, conclude your introduction with a thesis statement and the aim of a research paper.

Literature Review

Literature review is the section for which you have to collect data relevant to your study. While collecting data, you need to ensure the accuracy of data. Collection of relevant data is not the only task, but its precision is the thing that makes it valuable. You can check the precision of data by its proper documentation. Also, you can match the thesis statement and conclusion. The similarity in both of data identifies the accuracy. It is not necessary that you have to mention the whole journal or research, but you may need a section out of that. So, you have to be very conscious while collecting data for the literature review. At the time of writing a literature review, do not forget to cite every source in a proper way so that you can end up with a well-organized research paper.

Method and Procedures

The third main part of a well-organized research paper is methodology. It works as a road map for the reader that explains the whole procedure used while conducting research. Start writing methodology by restating the research problem. After that, you need to explain the approach to conduct research. The selection of research approach is not random, but it is based on the problem statement. Besides, explain the whole method and procedure in detail, so that reader does not get confused about any step. Also, describe the data collection method.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Mention the procedure of data analysis and its results. The results can be in the form of charts or graphs. Add those charts and graphs to a research paper and elaborate them. Based on the end results of data analysis, you have to make interpretations for a research study. These interpretations need to have some ground basis.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Conclusion is the summary of research paper that is based on analysis and its end results. Conclude your research paper in an appropriate way. In the same way, you have to wind up research paper writing by recommending some points for the future. Write conclusion and recommendations in a simple and clear way.

What are the 7 Steps of Writing a Research Paper?

For writing a research paper, you need to plan so many aspects beforehand. After pre-planning, you need to start writing a well-organized research paper. You can write research paper by following seven simple steps. All of the seven steps are linked in the form of a chain. So, do not skip any steps. These seven steps are mentioned below:

  • Identify the objective of your study. When you specify the objective, it becomes easy to keep a well-organized research paper in one direction. It helps in marking boundaries for the area of research.
  • In a particular area of study, narrow down your topic and make a research question. As per the need of the hour or area of study, you can make a hypothesis of a research question. Without working on this step, you cannot move further because it is a research question that makes the foundation of a well-organized research paper.
  • As per the designed problem, you have to see what can be possible ways to address that problem. In a well-organized research paper, the approach matters a lot. The right selection of approaches makes it easy to work on research.
  • Go for books, journals and other research papers for the collection of data. You may have to read bundles of data to collect relevant information. Do not waste time in reading complete journals or books. Here, you have to work with some smart tricks. Just read the introduction and conclusion.
  • Write a well-organized research paper and cite all data that is collected from an outer source.
  • Write on five different parts of a well-organized research paper as mentioned above. In the end, conclude your discussion with some distinctions.
  • Recall the thesis statement at the end of the research paper’s writing. It will help you in ensuring if everything went well or not.  

Final Thoughts

By working on the above-mentioned points of a well-organized research paper, you can make your task easy at the graduate level. Furthermore, the steps of writing a research paper include overall work from start to end.

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