Here’s why Insulated Wall Panels are an excellent choice for Thermal Control


Are you on a hunt for a cost-effective solution for controlling extremes of temperature, be it hot or cold, within a building? Well, the best insulation solution for an increasing number of businesses is Insulated Wall Panels

One can distinguish Insulated Wall Panels from traditional wall materials by their construction. A core of insulated foam that is surrounded by bonded metal panels is utilized by these panels. This combination makes for an excellent long-term thermal management solution and also has numerous benefits over the most traditional types of insulation.

Five Major Benefits to Insulated Wall Panels

(1) Longevity: Insulated Wall Panels are extremely durable and long-lasting. All credit goes to either side of the foam core. Under typical usage scenarios, one can expect them to last the lifetime of the building. It is only in the case of the most extreme incidents that they can succumb to any kind of damage. 

(2) Match the panel type to your requirements:  Are you planning to create a hot room or a cold room? Depending on that, you will get different types of foam cores available which are completely based on the temperatures involved. Furthermore, the core is available in a wide range of thicknesses, increasing thermal resistance at a minimal extra cost. Take, for example, the thickest fire-treated Insulated Wall Panels, which can entirely contain a fire for approximately three hours. 

(3) Versatility in usage: Insulated Wall Panels are best deployed in areas that are required to be kept particularly cold or hot, but they don’t have to be. They are simply an exceptional choice for maintaining and managing any temperature and even allow offices to make their own choices about how to set the A.C. WHILE ENSURING THAT NO ONE ELSE IS AFFECTED.  

(4) Easy Installation: Most of the Insulated Wall Panels are designed to connect using standardized grove-and-tongue connectors along their edges so that they can just be essentially snapped together. They can be readily installed by regular contractors without any particular expertise, thereby minimizing the installation cost significantly. 

(5)  A stylish solution: You can purchase Insulated Wall Panels in any combination of colors and finishes, thus allowing you to match them to the color scheme of your overall building. You should take note here that insulated walls do not simply mean drab and grey. They can fit right in if you want a colorful building. 

The Advantage of Using Sandwich Panels for Cold Storage

Sandwich Panels find wide applications in engineering and construction. They pay a valuable contribution to aeronautics and space travel, aircraft technology, as well as permanent and mobile cold storage facilities. In countries that have extreme climatic conditions, Sandwich Panel Suppliers supply these panels to construct cold storage facilities and real estate. Sandwich Panels are ideal for providing the much-required preservation and protection of food and related raw materials.  

(1) Lightweight and Aesthetic in structure: Sandwich Panels are produced through a process of rigorous quality control and experimentation. These panels are constructed from non-profiled or profiled light metal testing for impact, bending, and vibration. Structural aesthetics provides tensile strength. The panels which are supplied by Sandwich Panel Suppliers guarantee both flexibility and resistance against impact, bending, and vibrations due to transportation. 

(2) Resilience and Durability: It is the strictest quality control measure through metal testing and the metal category employed in the manufacturing process of Sandwich Panels that makes them highly durable and resilient. Furthermore, their profiled or non-profiled surfaces are resilient from bending or impact due to any mobility and also have high longevity.

(3) Waterproof and non-toxic insulation: Sandwich Panels supplied by Sandwich Panel Suppliers are made up of polyurethane insulating foam which is non-toxic. They do not absorb smells and also do not deteriorate over time. They do not cause allergies, are resistant to mildew or fungi and are also waterproof. This ensures that the cold room storage is preserved and well-intact. 

(4) Fire Resistant and Cam Lock Joints: Manufacturers and Sandwich Panel Suppliers make use of cam lock joints for assembling the panels to construct floors, ceilings, and walls of the required size for the cold rooms. After the panels are joined by the longitudinal slip joint, the tongue and groove system of the cam locks interlock together. At the time of manufacture, the cam locks are permanently molded into the insulating foam which simply slips in place and seals the sandwich panels while assembling. These cold panels make the cold storage dismountable and easily expandable, and that allows for flexibility in reassembling the panels at multiple locations.

Final Take:

The sandwich panels which are supplied by Sandwich Panel Suppliers utilize various core materials like expanded polystyrene (EPS), mineral fleece, polyisocyanurate, and PIR (Polyurethane) as per specific requirements. The PIR insulating core is highly recommended in constructions where fire and heat are the most important factors to be considered.

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