Here’s why Thermal Inkjet Printer means sustainability


Continuous Inkjet Printers and Thermal Inkjet Printers are two printing devices that can be used to print variable data on a wide range of products. When you choose one, it also means choosing the other. Wondering why? We are here to explain. 

What is a Continuous Inkjet Printer?

In a continuous inkjet printer, a high-pressure pump forces ink through nozzles on the print head, thereby creating a continuous stream of ink droplets. The continuous inkjet printer electrically charges individual droplets within this stream that forms the printed text. 

What is a Thermal Inkjet Printer?

A Thermal Inkjet Printer makes use of an ink cartridge that consists of hundreds of tiny nozzles, each containing a heating element. As soon as current is passed through the heating element of a nozzle, it heats the ink and thus causes it to expand into a bubble. This results in the creation of a pressure that pushes the ink through the nozzle onto the surface.

Thermal Inkjet Printer allows for a cleaner production environment

The printing method employed by a Thermal Inkjet Printer is such a method where there is neither any requirement of any kind of maintenance nor there are chances of the occurrence of any wear and tear on the moving parts. Furthermore, when there is a replacement of the cartridge, the printer automatically has a new print head. 

On the contrary, continuous inkjet printers continuously create a stream of ink droplets. This results in a very unpleasant smell and also creates a dirty production environment. The dust that is released is also harmful to the workers. 

 Consequently, when compared to a continuous inkjet printer, a Thermal Inkjet Printer has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) which makes them cleaner coders. 

Thermal Inkjet Printer results in super sharp prints

You might have seen products in the supermarket where you will find that the expiry dates of the products are dotted. That is, we mean the “use before date” which comprises little dots of ink that are not always easy to read. 

This issue is completely eradicated with the help of a Thermal Inkjet Printer. With the help of these printers, manufacturers can print super sharp expiry dates on their products. In other words, Thermal Inkjet Printer is considered a more sustainable technology that makes the consumers aware of how long the products can be kept, and also not much error is caused in recalling lot and batch numbers. This in turn ensures more safety and less waste. 

Thermal Inkjet Printer equals a sustainable future

Even today, you will see the use of continuous inkjet printers in a wide range of applications. Entrepreneurs having this type of printer often ask themselves the question “Why”. They are far more exorbitant as well as harmful to the environment than a Thermal Inkjet Printer. You should also note here that these printers have less downtime and pay for themselves in no time. 

Why a Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine makes the Best Marks

A Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine is so designed that it cannot produce deep, legible, and high-quality engravings and markings on a variety of metal parts, no matter big or small. Do you need to mark small serial numbers or engrave large-scale graphics? Whatever be it, these machines are designed with the laser-sharp precision and stability you require to accomplish the task. They are equipped with hard alloy Tungsten marking pins, which ensures that the marks will be of superior quality and will last for years to come. 

(1) Easy to handle: As the name suggests, these machines are designed to be well handheld. They are designed keeping in mind not only quality but comfort as well.  A Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine is lightweight and maneuverable which makes them quite easy to operate. Moreover, on account of their compact size, you can use them to mark all those hard-to-reach places, which makes them an efficient and effective tool for a variety of industries, including medical, metal processing, aerospace, etc. 

No matter what marks you need to make or where you need to make the mark, an easy-to-operate and easy-to-hold Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine is the best tool for the job. 

(2) Superior Precision: A Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine is so designed that they are able to make the most accurate and the deepest of marks. This allows them to engrave and mark all types of content on all types of surfaces. They are the best equipment for making markings and engravings on many different kinds of metals, like copper, aluminum, steel, etc. These machines are widely used for marking serial numbers, lot numbers, small Vehicle Identification Numbers(VIN) and codes, date and time, bar codes, dots and lines, and all English letters and characters- at any scale or size!

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