Which format is better for websites? PDF or BMP


Websites are known to be one of the most powerful sources of content. People across the globe strive hard to get their desired information on the Internet. They get detailed content from the best websites and rely on it for personal and professional purposes. The Internet is flooded with many websites providing information on the same products and niches, but indeed all of them are not of the same value. The most reliable and attractive of these are those with text and visual content. 

Importance of Images for Website 

The website’s user experience increases due to the use of high-quality, targeted and text-relevant images. There are plenty of benefits to using the right image for website content. Some of the most likeable benefits of images are given as:

  • Audience retention – Images are a major source to hook the audience on the website
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal – Images enhance the aesthetic appeal, and attract and engage the audience to the content for longer. 
  • Easy information transfer – Images help in explaining the complex information
  • Easy understanding – It helps the audience to understand the content in a better and much easier manner.  

There are various image formats available that you can use on your website. We cannot possibly discuss all of them in one post. Below we have drawn comparison of two popular options! Let’s dig in:

PDF Versus Bitmap

Two of the most important and highly significant image format are pdf images and bitmap. Both of these have their own peculiar pros and cons. PDF is the universal file format is capable enough to comprise the graphic images and text documents. Hence, it is widely used and preferred by the people for multiple purpose. 

PDF is basically the well suited file format for the text and provide optimum protection to the content. However, JPEG or PNG are the formats that are used to design the PDF image file. BMP comprise of tiny pixels of good quality that combine to form the high resolution image. Let us have a quick glance at the PDF and BMP pros and cons to determine which one is better to use:

  • PDF Image File


  • PDF file remains secure and does not get interrupted no matter on which device it is being viewed on
  • The file security is maintained perfectly and its encryption provide 
  • It remains encrypted and perfectly aligned. The risk to file security is entirely avoided


  • PDF is not a good option for the digital content display
  • It is less structured and comprise of limited color spectrum 
  • PDF cannot support the graphics the way as BMP does.
  • Bitmap File Format


  • The display of optimum quality digital images on the website is possible due to BMP.
  • For the be graphics, BMP is known to be the great choice as it can be reduced to desirable size without any affect to its quality.
  • Downloading of BMP files is much quicker and easier.
  • BMP file format is amazingly versatile due to its ability to handle multiple alpha channels, profiles and multiple color depths.
  • It is valuable format that support data compression
  • It reflects compatibility with enormous software types and web browsers
  • BMP is structured and comprise of large color spectrum to provide good experience to the website visitors


  • As BMP is uncompressed file hence it covers larger space.
  • RGB limitation of BMP makes it less suitable for the prepress production 

Want to change pdf to bmp?

If you have pdf images then you can easily get them converted into the BMP file format. A reliable free pdf to bitmap converter online tool can help you in this regard and facilitate in getting the desired imsage in high quality BMP form. Using the online converter tool is massively easy! You dont need to have any technical knowledge. 

You can use it to convert either single or multiple PDF image files to BMP file format with high resolution!

The biggest benefit of using the tool is that it provides instant outcomes. Click on the converter button after uploading the desired PDF file and let the tool do its job. 

You will get the desired file converted into BMP file format which you can download for free.


Both of the image formats are most frequently used on the websites. But the most valuable and beneficial of these is BMP file format due to its massive benefits. Free PDF to Bitmap converter online provides the most satisfactory and quick conversion of PDF files into BMP file format. You can get benefit of this file format to add on the suitable images to the website and gain the perfect attention of audience. If you eager to display the high quality images to your website then BMP is the right choice. When it is about the graphics, then BMP proves itself to be much advanced than PDF.  

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