Why SharePoint Services for a Cost-Effective and Secure Hybrid Workplace?


The entire world may have felt Covid-19’s deadly consequences for two years, but its impact will linger for a long time. It would be accurate to state that it may have had a lifelong impact.

One such lifelong impact was the hybrid work. The new way of work. The new normal!

The offices were relocated to homes during the epidemic, and offices took up residence in residences. Employees were given hybrid WFH, and it appears they have grown entirely accustomed to it.

Because employees are so accustomed to it, 66% of them still prefer working from home today, and 30% would quit their jobs if they are forced to work from office.

Moreover, to encourage remote work,

55% of businesses globally offer WFH facilities for employees in some capacity. Companies find that WFH increases the capability of doing work, which impacts enhancing the business’s productivity.

However, WFH, before the pandemic hit, was not so popular; it might be correct to say it was just a dream for employees and businesses.

So, how was hybrid WFH possible in those days, and what makes such transformation look so easy and seamless? Let’s find the answer below.

SharePoint Services the Transformer…

The organization’s goal was to build a workplace where employees can stay in touch wherever they are and provide more flexibility to do the best work their way. In a new way of work, flexibility is key to the business’s success. And during the period of the pandemic, flexibility was the key to success for hybrid work.

Nevertheless, such flexibility and agility were offered by Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint offered the power to employees to work seamlessly without impacting the productivity of their efforts towards the business.

Moreover, SharePoint Intranet furnishes a platform where employees can seamlessly connect with their colleagues and share information, data, reports, and files.

Microsoft SharePoint Services provider streamlines business activities that enhance employees’ productivity, connectivity, and engagement. Moreover, Microsoft SharePoint provides protection for data and crucial information of enterprises.

SharePoint services are integrated with the power of the hybrid Azure cloud, which offers cost-effective and secured services to businesses that attract different enterprises towards SharePoint.

However, even today, for a cost-effective and secured hybrid workplace Microsoft SharePoint is the first choice for enterprises globally.  

So, the question here is why enterprises embark on Microsoft SharePoint to leverage the advantage of a cost-effective and secured workplace.

Cost-effective and Secured SharePoint…

SharePoint’s cost-effective and secured features are converging to change the workplace for all businesses globally. Today ever, companies are looking for technology that can secure and protect their data and critical information at the hybrid level.

Moreover, with hybrid workplace and remote work, businesses need strong and precise security that protect their data at the next level. Consequently, SharePoint online can deliver hybrid security and protection to enterprises’ data. Organizations get new efficiency by combining Azure, Microsoft Security, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and industry solutions.

With Azure, cloud security businesses are relaxed as Microsoft Azure, with security, compliance, identity, and management solutions that function across all your platforms. They can protect and defend your company data seamlessly.

The hybrid security of Azure in SharePoint drives your company forward with confidence, adjusts to disruptions, and adopts the change quickly, understanding that your technology partner is committed to empowering everyone and every organization to accomplish more.

Similarly, with cost, SharePoint is the most cost-effective product in the form of storage. With robust security, SharePoint offers vast space to store your essential documents and data. The vast space offered by SharePoint can eliminate the third-party expenses to manage and organize your data.

Moreover, the product from SharePoint is completely compactable, which streamline your business processes with multiple seamless application that reduce operational expenses to buy different applications. If the organization has licensed with office 365, then the organization can save money for the capability of SharePoint. As the company does not need to spend capital to use the capability of SharePoint, it is included in office 365.

With a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, the business can leverage the capabilities of SharePoint.

That is the reason it is beneficial for enterprises to leverage SharePoint services for a cost-effective and secured hybrid workplace.

Wrapping Up

SharePoint is a product from Microsoft that offers more than security and budget. It enhances employee collaboration, increases productivity, brings connection among employees, and fosters engagement across the workplace.

To thrive in the new world of work, every organization should leverage the capabilities of SharePoint. Hire a seasoned SharePoint consultant to embrace SharePoint across the organization; they will help you plan SharePoint integration and provide a pathway toward success.

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