To Protect and Prevent: How CCTV Cloud storage can help enterprise security.


Utilizing on-site gear such as network and digital video recorders (DVRs) is an outdated and conventional method of recording, storing, and retrieving video information. Which now has been taken over by advanced technology, CCTV Cloud storage.

CCTV and Cloud storage is the most effective combination for video surveillance solutions. A growing number of companies are taking advantage of CCTV Cloud storage. This is because it offers significant benefits to businesses and organizations. Let’s explore how surveillance solutions get the most out of cloud storage for CCTV.

What is Cloud storage for CCTV?

Cloud storage in CCTV can record, store, and retrieve video footage and data. The video footage is kept off-site on a secure cloud server with CCTV. Basically, to the core CCTV cloud storage, ensure that there is a backup of your footage. If something goes wrong with local hardware, it is advised to deploy a Cloud solution.

Role of CCTV cloud Storage in Enterprise Security

Businesses, especially those with high risk, must go through many solutions and installations to make their enterprise safe and secure at all levels. However, the conventional methods added with different security setups make it very hectic and costly for business owners to manage them. In addition, all this comes at a colossal ownership cost.

Moreover, Local DVRs and NVRs can easily be destroyed, stolen, and manipulated, with which you can lose valuable footage. It leaves you with nothing in hand to provide as proof to the police or at the time of claiming Insurance.

On the other hand, CCTV cloud storage delivers many advantages to businesses due to its superiority over other security systems. The most leveraged ones are listed below.

To Prevent and protect with CCTV Cloud Storage for Businesses.

1.   Safe & Easy to use

A cloud-based system is safer to use compared to conventional ones. But how?

  •  To avoid being caught on camera and being recorded, where robbers may steal or purposefully damage digital video recorders or NVRs.
  •   Hardware-based video recording systems are similarly susceptible to failure or corruption, which results in the loss of all recorded video.

CCTV Cloud Storage is far more secure in transferring video footage because it is recorded and sent directly to the Cloud, where it is kept safely and securely utilizing a software-based surveillance solution to access it.

2. Accessibility

Cloud storage for CCTV offers a seamless fit for Cloud-based and IP cameras. It is straightforward, easy, and accessible. A PC, mobile device, or tablet can be used to access recorded and live CCTV footage at any time and from any location. For businesses, it becomes much easier to retrieve video data at any time, regardless of where you are.

CCTV cloud storage from cloud providers uses cutting-edge encryption, high capacity, and effective backup capabilities.

3. Cost-Effective

Unlike local DVR/NVR storage, CCTV footage from various sites can be kept centrally, eventually reducing expenses. So, for example, a merchant with many locations can view all of their stores on the Cloud from a single place.

Also, it reduces the overall ownership cost as businesses do not have to get stuck in the vicious cycle of replacing their old hardware over time.

4. Fully backed-up Video

Cloud storage offers a backed-up and secure solution by combining on-site gear with cloud software. It gives users access to view and playback video material wherever they are.

5. More than just Security

CCTV with cloud storage uses the internet to store all of your recorded video footage off-site in a central location where it is safe, secure, and simple to access. There are many features that businesses can leverage of CCTV with Cloud Storage, such as:

  • Your Cloud camera will automatically log the date and time with footage.
  • You may access the cloud server to view, playback, fast-forward, delete, or download the video at your ease.
  •   You can log in to your account and use the Cloud if you have a network and a device (phone, laptop, or tablet).
  • You can pool your footage by location and in any number of formats that you choose to record, view, and store.

6. Pay-as-you-go Model

CCTV with cloud storage is affordable with monthly packages that fit company budgets, and it’s reliable so that users can store and capture video data confidently. Using the Cloud would be essential for businesses and organizations as this solution can provide a cutting-edge, secure CCTV system.

When working with valuable goods, money, and operations, high-risk places such as counters, cashier areas, stock room facilities, vaults, and safes are efficiently saved and secured by the Cloud.


All enterprises are increasingly considering and utilizing CCTV cloud storage technology for video and security surveillance. The use of the Cloud as a component of a safe and reliable CCTV system has a lot of advantages.

It’s adaptable so businesses can grow with it, and the capacity and bandwidth are limitless.

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