Content Writing Vs Copy Writing: Which is Right for your business?


Are you looking to find out the difference between Content and Copy Writing? This article will help you determine the basics of content writing VS copywriting, the difference between the two, as well as an account of what is better for your business. 

Whenever companies need written material, they use content writers as well as copywriters but both have different expertise. While content writing communicates a message and gives information to the reader, copywriting on the other hand is used for advertising and marketing so that a product sells.  

Let’s understand the basics first: 


We are surrounded by real-life examples of copywriting. If you are taking a stroll on a busy city street, how many hoardings, advertisement boards and other such things do you encounter? Many, because copywriting paves the way for marketing a product. In other words, copywriting is simply a creation of texts, written with the intention of digital marketing, advertising and persuading the customer to buy. Brainstorming creative ideas and taking a unique approach lets copywriters create interesting, attention-grabbing content while highlighting a product’s features. 

Brochures, billboards, drip campaigns, landing pages, taglines and social media posts are some forms of copywriting. 

A copywriter is responsible for collaborating with different teams to execute marketing strategies, writing in a way so as to highlight the brand’s voice and editing content to ensure accuracy. 

Content Writing 

Content writing is not done with the intention of selling but to inform readers. In other words, we can say that the main aim of content writers is creating, editing and publishing content on digital platforms. Also, the content created by such writers should be engaging and relevant. They do so in order to generate web traffic or increase the number of viewers on a website. Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques also help them achieve this. It is important to write such copies in a way that brand awareness is spread. 

Blogs, digital guides, e-books, webpages and articles are some forms of content writing. 

A content writer is responsible for generating catchy headlines to attract readers, researching keywords via SEO techniques to increase the traffic of a website and editing and proofreading to give the readers an elevated experience. Your content writing services should be able to help you engage a wider audience with interesting long-form content. 

Copywriting Vs Content Writing 

Content as well as copywriting are used by businesses to engage their audiences. However, both of these forms of writing serve different purposes. Let’s take a look at some stark differences between copywriting and content writing so that you understand what you require: 


There is different skillset required when it comes to copywriting and content writing. 

Firstly, copywriting requires proper time management. Deadlines are not that flexible when it comes to copywriting. Creativity is required to write short form content because you get fewer words to impress and engage a reader. Also, understanding the audience is a necessity. It makes the writer understand what kind of language, tone and persona to adopt while creating a copy. 

Content writers, on the other hand, should have an avid knowledge of SEO techniques to incorporate the necessary keywords in their content. This way, more traffic will be directed to the website. Secondly, to generate an informative copy, proper research needs to be conducted. Reliable sources and references should be utilized in order to increase the credibility of your claims. Also, captivating headlines are a must to hook your readers and make them read the entire article. 


Copywriting mostly requires short, to-the-point text. Since copywriting aims at selling products, impressing the readers in a short period becomes crucial. The brief text also makes sure that it is memorized and remembered by readers easily. That is why whenever an advertisement is displayed, no detail is given. Only a unique slogan, tagline or title is highlighted in big and bold font. The aim is to engage with the readers and persuade them to purchase the product. 

On the other hand, content writing is meant to inform the reader. Therefore, long form content is required. In-depth information is only possible with long content which can be seen in blogs, articles, webpages, etc. There are several techniques that content writers implement in order to get more visitors to the website and SEO is one among them. Explaining a topic or process needs content writing strategies so that relevant and important information is provided to the audience. 


Copywriting aims to sell. Naturally, the writer’s goal is to create material in such a way that the sale of an object or product increases. Copywriters persuade the readers to buy or make a purchase so most of the time their pieces end with a call to action or CTA. 

Content writers have the objective of informing and spreading brand awareness. The subtle use of informative language makes such writing great for educational and entertainment purposes. 


A conversational tone is required in copywriting. The reason for this is that the writers need the readers to connect with the advertisements and then immediately take action. 

Content writing follows a more formal tone. Information that content writers provide reach a larger audience so it is necessary to keep the tone on the professional side. 

Side-by-Side Comparison: Copywriting Vs Content Writing 

Copy WritingContent Writing
Short form of writingLong form of writing
Aims to generate salesAims to be informative and focuses on brand awareness
Main goal – to persuadeMain goal – to inform and educate
Ads, brochures, email campaigns, taglinesArticles, blogs, social media

In Conclusion: 

There is a significant distinction between copywriting and content writing. Copywriting is used to persuade and sell whereas content writing is used to inform and educate. If you want to write anything that will sell, you must utilize copywriting strategies. However, if you need to produce something that will inform and educate your audience, content writing is the way to go. 

Without a clear understanding, you may wind up employing the wrong individual for the wrong job, resulting in misunderstandings and missed chances about your content goals. 

You must always hire a content writer or a copywriter according to the needs of your organization. However, we vouch for professionals who can do both. 

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