Snapchat: How to unlock the Butterfly Lens on Snapchat


The Butterfly lens on Snapchat is one of the popular lenses used in the app and here’s how to unlock it.

Snapchat is all about the glasses and your streak. According to Snapchat, there are approximately 2.5 million Lenses created for the app by more than 250,000 content creators. That’s a lot of numbers and chances because you haven’t even seen 1% of the lenses in the app. There are some of the best lenses out there and some you just won’t love. The Butterfly lens is a popular filter. As the name suggests, it uses butterflies to give an enhanced photo effect. Over time, there have been many butterfly lenses on Snapchat that have had little tweaks. But to try it out, you will have to unlock it first. Let’s see the ways to unlock and use butterfly glasses on Snapchat.

What is the Butterfly Lens on Snapchat?

The butterfly lens is one of the most popular camera filters to use on Snapchat. Once you open the filter, you will find many butterflies flying around your face. The exact name of the candidate is Paper Butterfly with the username of jp pirie. All butterflies are animated and look good. Not only on your face, but you can also make butterflies fly all over your body.

How to use butterfly lens on snapchat

There are several ways you can get the butterfly lens and use it on your Snapchat photos/videos.

Using Snapchat lens link

In this method, you can ask your friend or user who has previously used Butterfly Lens to share their link with you. After getting the link in your inbox, all you need to do is click on it and you will get the snapchat butterfly lens on your device. This is how you can share Lenses on Snapchat:

Open Snapchat and tap on the filter icon.

Swipe up to reveal more filters.

Find the Snapchat Butterfly filter, then tap and hold on it.

Click Send to Friends.

Select how you want to share the lens.

unlock the butterflies lens on snapchat

Get Butterfly Lens on Snapchat with Snapcode Image

If none of your friends can access the lens, or you don’t want to ask them, you can try the Snapcode method. This is what you should do:

Open Snapchat on your smartphone.

To open the butterfly lens on Snapchat, hold your camera over the Snapcode (added above) and tap on a photo.

Snapchat will scan the image and open the link automatically.

Open the Butterfly Lens on Snapchat from your Camera Roll

This method is almost the same as the Snapcode scan mentioned above. But instead of scanning, you can download a Snapcode and then upload it to your Snapchat camera to get the butterfly filter. Here are the steps for that:

Open Snapchat.

Tap the Memories icon to the left of the camera’s shutter button.

Select camera roll

Then select Butterflies Snapcode.

Snapchat will automatically detect the symbol and load the butterfly filter.

Find butterfly lens on snapchat app

Even if you can’t get the butterfly filter on your Snapchat with the above methods, you can just search for the filter, yes. It is very simple and easy, just follow these steps

Open Snapchat and click Search next to your profile in the upper left corner.

Type butterfly lens and choose the filter of your choice.

If you can’t find the lens you’re looking for, you can click “See More” for more options to choose from.

Open Snap’s butterfly filter for others

In addition to the steps mentioned above, if you took a photo with the butterfly lens, you can get it from there as well. That’s how:

Click the “New Try” button below the widget using the filter.

(You can also scroll up and select Lens)

Now you can take photos with the butterfly lens.

Using Snapchat Lens Studio

Snapchat Lens Studio is another way to unlock Snapchat butterflies mood lens. Is that how it works:

Launch the Snapchat app and go to the Snapchat Lens Studio section

You can see the different Lenses created by Snapchatters

A circle will appear with all lenses

Scroll down to find common butterfly lenses

Choose a Snapcode to save for later use.

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