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Surveillance systems are nothing new and have been around for quite a while now. They are an essential part of keeping your home and business secured and protected. 

Today, it’s easier than ever to secure your home with all the technology available to us. From a wide range of security cameras, alarms, and other similar gadgets – your home will not only be safe but almost impenetrable.

In this article, we are going to be discussing how to successfully install a CCTV camera. If you’re interested, keep on reading.

Don’t buy cheap

Just like buying cheap appliances is not the best road to travel, buying cheap camera systems isn’t either. Cheap appliances aren’t meant to last long, there aren’t quality appliance parts for them and once they break down, there’s no fixing them.

Similarly, cheap cameras are very unreliable and also low-quality. Cheap cameras aren’t designed to last because they are built of cheap plastic. They are rarely waterproof and their video quality is far from good.

If you’re planning to make your home secure, only buy cameras from reputable security companies or famous camera brands.

Place the camera in the right spot

Many people make the mistake of placing cameras in corners where they will be less noticeable. However, that’s not the right way to do it. Putting cameras in corners may create blind spots, or limit your viewing area. In addition to that, people also struggle with how high or low the cameras should be installed.

The best way to go about it is to install your CCTV cameras so that you’re able to see what’s happening. Place the cameras to monitor back doors, windows, and other vulnerable spots around your house. Don’t forget your front door, either. Simply install the cameras all around your home to be more sure.

CCTV Installation

Proper lighting for your CCTV cameras

For your camera to work properly there needs to be a certain amount of illumination. What this means is that just installing the camera is not enough if you have poor or insufficient lighting near it – the camera will be pointless.

The area that you’re monitoring needs to be well-lit. If it isn’t you should mount lights behind the camera. Also, try not to install your camera in the direction of the sun, or a lit window – the glare will be too harsh and you won’t be able to see anything on the camera.

Protect the cameras

Since CCTV cameras are somewhat of an investment, you should do whatever you can to protect them. One good way to protect your cameras is by installing them at least 6 feet above the ground so that no one can tamper with or destroy them. 

The second option is finding clever ways to hide cameras in plain sight, which doesn’t imply putting them in corners. Install them so that they aren’t noticeable, mask them with décor, and find ways to make them blend in.

In case your camera isn’t waterproof, you’ll need to find a way to protect it from rain and other elements as well. That’s why the best would be to invest a bit more in waterproof cameras, so at least you won’t have to worry about hiding them from rain.

Test the cameras and equipment before installation

Installing your cameras before testing them is not a smart idea. Many have made this mistake, only to realize that the camera isn’t monitoring what they have imagined, that a piece of equipment isn’t working properly or so many other problems.

To avoid running into these or similar problems, before installing your cameras and other equipment, test them. Decide which camera will work best in which position and place. Not all security cameras are designed to fit everywhere. For example, doorbell cameras are a good option for front doors, wide-angle cameras are great for backyards, and so on.

CCTV Installation

Have professionals install your cameras

Cheap cameras are easily DIY installed, which is not the case with high-quality CCTV cameras. If you want your cameras to do their job properly, you should hire professionals to install the cameras for you.

If you decide to install the cameras yourself, you may notice, in time, that the installation job you did, wasn’t so great. Instead, why don’t you let the people specialized for this, do the job for you?

The bonus of professional camera installation is that professionals have done this a thousand times. They know where and how to install the cameras so that your whole house is secured. They know which type of camera goes where, how high or low the camera should be installed, the lighting needs of your camera, and so much more.

Having low-quality cameras around your house is the same as not having them at all. That’s why you should always invest a little more in CCTV cameras that will last a long time without constantly breaking down.

To ensure your cameras last a long time, have professionals install them. You may think you know what you’re doing installation-wise, but you’ll never be able to properly install them like reputable security companies.

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