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Fluper is the internationally  recognized top Mobile App Development Company in India. This leading Android App Development Company has the potential team of experienced and skilled developers to build innovative apps with emerging technology for various platforms as well as offer branding and promotion services for their client’s businesses.

With its cutting-edge ideas, inventive solutions, and the unwavering quest of providing a “human-digital” experience via mobile apps, Fluper has been transforming the mobile app development sector in India. By developing mobile apps for businesses, this reputed IOS App development Company helps them to expand their reach to a wide range of customers and achieve their business goals effortlessly. 

This leading Android App Development Company has 16+ years of experience in developing mobile apps for every sector and working globally with many small and medium sizes of companies. It has developed more than 1500 mobile apps with its highly proficient teams of app developers, designers, quality analysts and the developers of backend work. The skilled teams of Fluper can comprehend the intricate clients’ requirements and work on that and finally deliver outstanding mobility solutions for them.

This Mobile App Development Company in India is the one-stop spot for all businesses irrespective of their niche. It offers extraordinary, custom apps on trending technologies like IoT, AI/ML, Cloud solutions, AR/VR and so on. As a top-notch IOS App development Company, Fluper offers mobile apps for different sectors, like tourism, education, real estate, NGO, social networking, event management, health & fitness, media, E-commerce and game.

Fluper- Top-rated Android and IOS App development Company:

This leading Android and IOS App development Company was begun in 2013. The CEO of Fluper, Mr Anshul Sharma founded this company with 10-15 employees as Fluper Technology in Noida of India. Then it spread its wings to UAE, UK and US. Now, Fluper Limited is recognized globally as the most trustable Mobile App Development Company in India with a solid base of 375+ technological experts.

Here is how Fluper assists companies in covering their road toward digital transformation:

Investing and financing

Over nine years, Fluper has assisted numerous startup clients in obtaining funding for their companies.

Models of flexible engagement

Flexible engagement models are available from this leading Mobile App Development Company in India to suit the precise needs of its customers. It meets every need of clients, like a fixed budget model, a time and material approach, or an entire dedicated development staff.

Constant assistance

This most trustable Mobile App Development Company in India maintains open lines of communication with clients around-the-clock. The company makes sure clients are put in touch with the appropriate team of professionals and receive the proper solutions on schedule.

Benefits offered by Fluper:

  1. This top-rated Mobile App Development Company in India provides the highest client satisfaction by reducing the cost of app development.
  2. This Android App Development Company has a deep understanding of the target users.
  3. The apps developed by this Mobile App Development Company in India enhance the productivity of businesses by improving their efficiency.
  4. This IOS App development Company monitors and controls everything in the app development process.
  5. In short, with the highest level of proficiency and expertise, Fluper plays a praiseworthy role in accelerating the growth of top businesses globally.

Advantages of working with Fluper:

Some of the prominent advantages that a client can get from this renowned Mobile App Development Company in India are as follows.

  1. The project will be certified by NASSCOM.
  2. More than 10 million users engage in the app.
  3. Guaranteed of on-time project delivery.
  4. Instant money-back commitment for 7 days.
  5. Upfront payment will be refunded.
  6. App marketing and promotion are free for nine months.
  7. Live-app testing experience for 24*7 hours.

Recently, Fluper has created some apps based on current trends that comprehend the inquisitiveness of the clientele and thus implement the latest technology on the apps. Some trending apps of this reputed Mobile App Development Company in India in the following sectors.

  • On-demand app
  • Food Restaurant app
  • E-commerce app
  • Travel app
  • Dating app
  • Virtual Reality (VR) app
  • Augmented Reality (AR) app
  • Android and iOS Game app
  • IoT app
  • Pick & delivery app
  • Payment/wallet app
  • Healthcare app

The cutting-edge technology and unmatched skills of this top-rated Mobile App Development Company in India have provided a range of organisations with scalable digital solutions that have transformed their consumer experiences.


According to Fluper’s CEO, the biggest achievement of this famous Mobile App Development Company in India is obtaining the trust of International clients. Fluper’s accolades, however, are as follows:

  • 2018’s best startup was recognised by Innovative India.
  • According to AppFutura, GoodFirms, and Clutch, it is the top-ranked Mobile App Development Company in India.
  • This reputed Android App Development Company was highlighted as a ground-breaking app startup in “Innovative India.”

Now, Fluper is channelized its attention on the development of applications on trending technology like Robotic process automation (RPA), edge and quantum computing, virtual reality and augmented reality, blockchain, and cyber security.

Furthermore, the internal innovation lab and R&D team of this leading Android App Development Company will be evaluating and decoding the newest technologies, such as gesture recognition, neural network connections, the Internet of Things, and decentralisation. This genuine IOS App development Company also intends to expand its skilled personnel to cope with the huge workload and requirements of clients.

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